Be YOu!!!

Be you -the world will adjust “


Hello bloggren!!! 
You remember those small notes I mentioned to keep sliding in.. 
Well here goes another 
Today we are waging war against everything that has set out to change our identify. 
Here at tales of a curious mind we believe our differences make us beautiful. We believe in diversity. 
This small piece is just about that.. 
Here goes!!


She is a book
One whose pages we have folded to our liking
Pluck out 
Shaping it to fit the readers mind
-all to publish the perfect piece
Afraid to identify with the flaws;
We have cropped out the scars at the center 
Erased the dirty marks on her cover
-Let there be light-
The brown tattered rags now a shimmering white
Our Cover Girl!! 
She is an open book misjudged by her cover
An impostor!! 
She is no Angel 
White washed tombstone 
She’s not the sunshine that ushers the warmth of dawn
She is cold inside.. 
A starless winter
A lonely spring night 
The melanin in her soul wars against the white flesh
Her heritage strives to reopen the closed chapters, the edited verses
Her body seeks to burst out 
-prison break
Her dead soul seeks resurrection 
We crucified her and said Hakuna matata 
Said we loved her clone 
“You were always beautiful after all”
The jokes about beauty behind a beast 
She rested in pieces
Each changing with the edition
Tomorrow is a “brighter” day
-Always striving for the virtual light at the end of a bottomless tunnel 
She is a book
-best seller to say 
Pluck out
Her pages blank
we erased her story

2Corinthians 3: 5  Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God,

Thank you for reading as always!! My sincere apologies regarding this Tuesday’s guest blogger on The Life Series I got a little caught up. 
Next week we will feature a short story on weakness and strength from a guest blogger. 
Brace yourselves fam.

Otherwise I hope we are all shining as the greater conquerors we agreed to be this month. In fact if you don’t mind share with us what you have conquered so far.

Bellows of Love. 
©Tales of a curious mind


Hello Talees (yes am working on a family name any suggestions please do share) – how art thou.
I might have forgotten to mention that I will be sliding small poetic notes under your doors time and again.
Here is one of those :).
Without much ado ladies and Gentlemen….


Friends come and go- They say
They say
Winter brings new snow balls
That maybe next fall will replace my snow man
Maybe summer will shine it’s radiance on my pale skin
And cast away the dim
That my heart will hug the flowers blooming in spring
-and find comfort, find hope, find serenity
Find everything the hurricane crumbled from my boat
They say you can be replaced
And memories imprinted in my heart- displaced
That Juliet should find Romeo in a huntsman
Or Barbie Ken in Jeff
They say times have changed
And am obsessed with history
That the reason for the pain resonating in the hollow of my soul is time travel..
I marvel too much at the distance between our realms-, they say
They speak of moving on as if my feet spun on a merry go round
As if the flames never were
As if your demise was without sound
They say I should forget it
Act like it never happened
But the scenes in my head replay like
Pause.. Rewind. .pause.. Rewind
That even with no wine am intoxicated by the smell of your blood
Blood that spilled from your side and washed  over the iniquity of this earth
They say I should let your bleeding go in vain
And act sane
Walk, talk, smile like one of them
That I should stop being an outcast trapped in the past and move on
That I should go back to the lust you bled for
They say friendship has an alpha and omega
That I should tear your pages out
And like Atlantis turn you into a myth
They say this
They say that
Never without word they stay
But never say how much you loved me 🙂
Never what your death did mean
Never that a love letter you did leave
They say much and yet little
All they say is hear-say
So consequently
Like the wind
Out of my ear their words sail


 Romans8:38  For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come,

 39  nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Bellows of love ❤

©Tales of A curious mind

Life Series: GUEST BLOGGER (The Weakness I bear)

My good people – Tuesday is upon us and so is the weekly edition of the life series.
Today we have a guest blogger…
.I will not spoil for you.
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome with me Ms. Shanita Kyagaba



I feel,
A digging deep into my skin
Through the covering to my tissues
I feel its pinch in my membranes
Going down through my vessels Into the blood and to my bone

The weakness I bear!
It splits me apart In halves,
in bits and pieces My breath’s gone away
My lungs are sealed up I am dazed and frozen
Without a sense to feel

The weakness I bear!
Am like a bird that drops Lifeless to the ground
Boundlessly, It gasps for air
Yearns for a lift in the air
So it could flap its wings in the air
Like I’d imagine angels fly


The weakness I bear!
Am afraid I can’t let it out
I’ve mastered the cover
I think it’s a hard cover Clothed by another
A mass of layers of gravel
But deep down beneath my chest
In a place I call “A blocked cage”
Where my heart meets with reality
I feel the tickle of the fumes In a chimney that longs to run dry
But instead I choke the smoke in With the “no one will care” mind
“No one will understand” attitude
Which I’ve empowered to rule over me
So my heart melts in anguish and confusion
The pain I nurtured grows and thrives
Somber hides behind my waning smile
My thoughts become darkened and blackened

The weakness I bear!
But why?

Shanita Kyagaba (for more eye candy follow this link to subscribe to her blog)

A round of Applause please.
Do let us know whether you relate with the ideas Shanita shares in this poem.
Personally I couldn’t agree more.


This Scripture says volumes

You can also share your poetry, opinions, spoken word, photography etc on Weakness and strength by simply emailing me

Looking forward to reading from you
Till then I remain

©Tales of A Curious mind

May Recap – Ushering New Possibilities

Hello Beautiful people !!
Is it too late to say Happy New Month :).I bring you warm tidings, hot enough to melt any thing that could be tagging on your happiness.

May was one hell of a month for us here but hallo It’s June which could only mean we have prevailed.


As always we prevailed #Victory

Firstly allow me apologize to all those that have been following the life series. Exams got me hooked to the desk all month and consequently we didn’t share as planned. I want to thank you all that emailed your beautiful pieces and ideas on weakness and strength, starting tomorrow we will share those every Tuesday – brace yourselves my people, brace yourselves for your about to be blown away.

Last month I landed on a small book of Proverbs by Dr. Dennis D Sempebwa. My “Gad” the wisdom in this book will forever be imprinted in my heart. Dr. Dennis shares truths that will help you prevail, find purpose and above all open you to the great potential concealed within. He actually takes time to explain each proverb with examples. Being the first book with Proverbs I have read I was impressed -allow me share a few.


If you have to get Pharaoh’s approval you will never get out of Egypt

Want mangoes?  Stop planting bananas

The man who walks on water cannot afford the luxury of self doubt

Speak only when the substance of your rhetoric is more valuable than silence

Refuse to let yesterday’s painful people determine how you treat today’s pleasurable people

Untried friendships are mere acquaintances

Eventually the echo must find it’s own voice or it fades into the wind

Moving on…!

The great lesson for May was PERSEVERANCE!!.
I have learnt that if you want to get to the sky you must be willing to deal with all the UV rays along the way.
My dear bloggren we are going far but I ask that as we embark on this journey we fasten our seat belts just in case we encounter humps.
Let’s not forsake big dreams because of obstacles that can be overcome. In fact I would that we all make a pact to not give up at least we should die trying.

Speaking of which I joined an essay writing competition on Leadership in Africa. I will be letting you in on how it goes down.

In a wrap that’s what May has been for us here. Thank you all that accepted our offer to live in the cottages here. In fact leave us a shout out in the comment section so we know what you expect for June. Thank you for always reading and pointing out areas that need improvement-I am indebted.


Bellows of love😍

As always I leave bellows of love

2Co 13:11 Finally, brethren, farewell. Become complete. Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you

© Tales of a Curious mind

Life Series :Weakness vis-a-vis Strength??

Ladies and gentlemen!!!
How is this part of heaven. I bring you heart felt greetings from my side of life. I have been writing exams.. still am but was not about to forego today’s post on life series for a few pages of Anatomy.
I wrote a poem that I failed to complete on the same. I dare someone here to complete it I actually dare you to!!


In the silence of your word
Where tears meet the smile you wear like an armour
Afraid we will call u weak
That your so well acted script will leak
The rehearsed harmony from your lungs conceals a breathless corpse
And yet you laugh
But it’s evident your laughing at what you have become
Comedy intertwined in circus
Your life is spinning on a merry go rakuss
Infinite like the hand of time
The lime around the walls of your heart is slowly crumbling from the bulk it carries
I told you it was OK to be weak, to be sick, to lose your sleek
It’s okay to wear your bones like an ornament
To remove concealer from your scars
To dance like a naked child before the stars
To be foolish before wise men and lose your composure
It’s OK…..

Weakness is relative, to some it’s the feeling of inadequacy before those they consider absolute inferiors (if you would permit me call them that), to others it’s sex related : being men they are threatened by the strength of a woman or vis versa, and to others it’s failing to keep up with competition.
What do you think it is to be weak?  Do you second any of those opinions?  If no/yes do share with us why.
This post is simply introducing this topic. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing your opinions on what strength or weakness is.
If it’s your first time with us here at Tales of A curious mind- your welcome, thank you for reading.
We will build you a small cottage here that you may as well call home.
We have had the Life Series running two months and we have learnt so much from each other. This month we are tackling strength and weakness.
Please do share experiences, testimonies, poetry etcetera that will be posted here by emailing
Personally am all pink (amidst my melanin) over this.
Have a blessed week family.

Bellows of love, 😍
©Tales of a Curious mind

The Glitz of April- May pick a leaf

Frohen neuen Monat!!!
English could not contain the butterflies that April hatched in my stomach so I found solace in German.
Happy New Month.
If you have been part of this chariot since the spiders that stung in March went to be with the Lord you know for sure that it had been a bumpy ride.
It taught us that it is better to fasten our seat belts than wait for Tarmac.

April in one word was ADVENTUROUS!! ,from trying new looks to reading random books, learning to tell tales with poetry etcetera etcetera.


Trying new look💄

But what is Tales of a Curious mind without you my ardent readers, to think someone would spare time and read these random scribblings is very humbling.
Asifiwe sana! Danke! thank you for making tales of a curious mind.
Which brings me to the GREATER lesson for the month –GRATITUDE.
This year has been all about presents. In fact if I ever told you God has not been good to me kindly scratch that. April changed everything! It displayed my life before me as a testimony of faithfulness.
Do you remember the book I mentioned was a present? “The insanity of obedience “?
Most of my Bible study last month was centred around it. Nip Ripken challenged me a lot with a greater need to share the hope of our salvation as sheep among wolves.


Nik (first name basis what what-am wanting)  dares us to walk with Jesus when many would faint, beautiful read!  Lots of wisdom! I will share in depth from it very soon.
Moving on…
I was not about to forget the festivity of Easter. In my planet cake and soda are the ice Berg of celebration – what is it in your planet? (Am actually hoping an alien is reading this post 🙈)


Beyond the pizza and soda the beauty was in the reason for the season -Love unfeigned. Love that loves us at our worst and lifts us at our weakest. To think God actually sent his son to die for us is beautiful. I dedicated a post expounding on the Easter and eternal damnation, hopefully we all read it.
As we come to the end of the beginning of this monthly recap please join me to applaud the life series for teaching us some of life’s greatest lesson.
From forgiveness, to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, to pointless friendships and much more that is yet to come.
Let’s just say April has been AMAIZIIINNGGG!!!!! It set a standard and May can only follow.
Once again happy New month bloggren. What are your expectations for the new month? -do share.
Personally am on a plan to stretch myself in and out who knows I could actually be elastic (lol)
Thank you for reading

Bellows of love 😍

©Tales of a Curious Mind

I Am Afraid of My Mirror


Am afraid to look in the mirror
Its scary to see you on the other side
The image of you dancing “Hallelujah” is patronizing
That smile….
The array of teeth you flash even when the frown on my face pulls against my heart like weights

When I am sick I flee from the mirror
Because I know that line all to well
“By my stripes you were healed”
In the death of my body you speak of health like it’s as real as my pain
I am afraid you will tell me am not
You will tell me sickness has no dominion over me
It’s scary how much you exalt my frailty

When I accomplish much my mirror goes dull
I don’t know sign language but the frown on your face speaks
It tells me you already did it
It tells me to quit trying
It tells me to rest in the depth of your love

When I want to brake
To scamper off destiny’s road
You appear in the windscreen
You are that strength that compels the wheels to roll
The fire that roars the engine to life
You say
“Topowa, Go yonder”


Art by LenArts -Lenace Mukama

I am afraid of my mirror
In fact I am terrified
But still I can’t go a day
Without beholding my image 🙈

2Corinthians3:18  But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

May is right at the corner what are your expectations?  Do share and if it’s a post kindly link to this one I would love to know.
Do check out this blog by Lenarts( Lenace Mukama) by clicking that link, I think she is a very talented artist- be the judge.



Art by Lenarts (Lenace Mukama)

Yesterday she said she was tired of life
I wanted to tell her I understood her but I couldn’t
The way her body paved way for wrinkles and scars of deceit
She knew her heart was heavy but she wanted him to think her strong
She was the Tournedo that deafened ears with rumblings and yet devoured nothing along it’s course
A queen that bent to the dance of slaves


I saw it in her eyes
The craving to be more..
The urge for attention from the stars that lit the sky
The longing to have a mansion at the centre of his heart
She wanted him but again she wanted the world
She wanted to soar beyond the view of mountains
But somehow..
Somehow he made her draw back
She always found refuge in the embrace of his lies
-lifeless sour nothings that stung at her self worth and value
He always said she wasn’t enough
She needed to be more
She needed to transplant Kardashian into her morphology
She needed to beautify her biology for his pleasure
He always weighed her against the world she fought to save


Slowly he killed her
His words like needles made her soul bleed
He was the voice that reminded her of failure
The sound she loathed and yet craved to hear
The cemetery her bones rested upon every night

Yesterday..! She said she was tired
Yesterday ,
April 22nd 2017
She almost went to be with the Lord

April will soon be gone too. I want to thank you all for making it memorable.
I said earlier that am learning to tell stories with poetry… Work in progress it is. Otherwise I hope we are all well 🙂
Let me know what you think about this
Ciao ☺

Of life, pointless Friendships and moving on

In another part of the country someone’s friend  called them a pair of buttocks. Twitter got excited like a toddler over it’s mother’s breast. Not that I blame them or anyone but I feel the circus in Uganda is rather embarrassing to laugh at. When did we get here……….
Any who I shall spare you any opinions otherwise say hello to life series once again (drum rolls and fireworks tatatutu). In these series we have learnt to forgive, to move on, to break out of limitation and today we are in for another lesson.



one would ask; when does a friendship get pointless?. This question is hard paper for many seeing there is no formula or special signs and symptoms. However,if you asked me (nicely) I would say this; whenever you feel drained just carry your feelings the other way.
Have you ever lived with someone and you felt like as you pour out yourself they were barely showing interest?. Someone who is not in the least interested in building you, or believing in you?.
I have spoken to a few people on this and they had a lot to say. Today we are going to share in line with what those people had to say.

The first person I approached is a very good friend of mine and this is what she had to say:
“I had this friend that always wanted to show me how inadequate I was..”
I freak out around paranoid people so I kept asking how she came to draw such conclusions until it got weird. In all our mambo jambo her defence was simple:
“Showing me I was inadequate was not the issue, the issue was how she did it”.
NB: Never confuse a rebuke in love for a pointlessness in friendship. You need friends that can correct you whenever you are wrong and still set you a way to get out of whatever pit you got yourself in.
In life you need two kinds of people those that build you and those you build. The people that build you challenge you to be a better person, the people you build challenge you to be responsible and accountable. It’s important that you draw a line between those kinds of people. The former are those that came into your life the latter are those in whose lives you came.
Much as it’s good to always rebuke your friends where necessary you need wisdom to draw a line between when to do so and when to minister comfort. It’s important to know when to speak, how to speak and when to simply shut up.
Sometimes all someone needs is a hug when they are down and a rod in the head when they sober up (not a stick a rod..). Always remember to apply wisdom…

The second person shared her experiences and I could tell she was battling frustration. Her view of the world was that people always wanted her swimming oceans for them but could never in turn jump a puddle for her.
Honestly I understood her pain, it’s sad when someone’s experience become a lens with which they judge everything else in their lives.
She said most of the people she had grown to hold so dear made her feel like the friendship was their responsibility ( eish!!! Good Lord but whyyy??)
If you are trapped in such a dilemma flee!!! this could even affect you emotionally and carry along with it depression.
Much as you need people that build you in life don’t let it reach desperation. Don’t lose yourself trying to make the best friendships work… Never!!. You need to value yourself as an individual and that’s the same value you will add to someone else’s life. I have something I say to myself that may sound mean but it’s truth;
“No one comes into my life to complete me before they came I was already completed in Christ ” .
This phrase has grown me so much. I realised that however much I love people and however happy they make me that’s not what primarily completes me I am in Christ complete!.
If you feel weighed down don’t force it. Life is too beautiful to be spent trying to prove your worth to someone that doesn’t see it!!,

The last person was a guy (gender balance what what). It appears that guys either rarely write off their friends or are simply nice people. In fact it took a lot of nagging to get him to tell me a tale of a friend he wrote off (hallelujah the nagging worked… Lol)
He said He had a roomie that had obsessive compulsive perfectionist tendencies (in his words) while he was at university. As expected he was a clean freak, extremely organized, responsible, name it. My friend on the other hand was his antagonist.
The guy would snap over a speck of dust on the floor or a simple crease on his perfectly laid bed. “
I realised just how awesome my friends are, like how do you bear with me and not snap? (Lol). Life will always present you weird people some when you learn to live with you will find the best friends ,others you may learn to live with them all your life.
Allow me say this again; when you love someone at their worst then you really love them.
If you have an evidently quarrelsome friend and you love them irrespective then you actually loved them. Love bears and believes all things. However pointless a friendship may be if love still exists keep on keeping on but once love doesn’t it’s bound to crumble.

Am sure by now you are wondering whether am asking you to hang in there or let go. In fact am asking you to do neither and both. Friendships are individual you don’t need someone to tell you when to move on but again don’t let them drain you. Moving on is hard but sometimes it’s inevitable. We grow when we move on. But in everything let love lead the way.

1Corinthians 13:  Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;

 5  does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;

 6  does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth;

 7  bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Kindly leave a comment with your thoughts on the topic.

©Tales of a curious mind

Blood Washed Romance

Faith makes a fool of what makes sense, grace found my heart where logic ends.
When justice called for all my debts
The friend of sinners came instead

~Here Now Hillsong


There is something that beats logic and it’s called love. Love is synonymous with madness.

2Corinthians 5: 13  For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; or if we are of sound mind,it is for you.

 14  For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died;

Paul says if they are out of their mind it’s for God and their sanity is for you- why?  because the LOVE of Christ compels them.
There are things love will make you do that you are suuuuurrreeee you would never do in your right mind.
I love how Paul puts it in

1Thessalonians 1: 3  remembering without ceasing your work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ in 

He calls it the labour of love. In love there is a labour, love labours in us.


We see that God loved his son but for his love for the world he esteems the world above his son. Likewise Jesus esteemed the world above any humiliation or suffering he had to endure.
There are things you can never do unless love compels you!
Because only the compulsion of love can sustain you
With such a mindset you cant faint because even when you don’t feel it even when you feel like giving up somehow you will remember and look upon this love somehow the love of Christ will make you move on.
Paul says he is a prisoner of Christ because there is this love about Christ that just makes him want to preach want to pray want to reach out to the lost.
Paul tasted this love and he feels everyone must experience it.


Love beyond comprehension

Today we celebrate LOVE

John15: 13  “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.