October Recap:

Hey hey!!! 
It’s a beautiful day to be alive. I have these ripples of joy bubbling in me that I can’t explain. Be sure this is and is going to be a beautiful month. Happy New month Bloggren.
October is my month of gratitude. I simply take off time to appreciate the things, people and experiences that have shaped my life in the past ten months. I have learnt to give thanks always because somehow I believe that the things we experience and people we meet help us cast light on a certain facet of the world we didn’t know.
Because gratitude comes with evaluation, it was also time to weigh myself against purpose. To bridge the gap between what is and what should be. As I evaluated myself it became more and more obvious that God had indeed been very patient with me. Something I don’t think anyone else could do. The beauty about God is that he knows how crappy you can get but still stays. He looks at how undeserving we appear and still loves us wholly!

Last month I also resumed our depression series with a poem and a post by a Guest blogger. This has been the most humbling series off the Life series we began earlier this year. The feedback robs me of words. I am grateful that many of us can relate and have taken an initiative to take this healing journey seriously. If you want to talk just email me at fionalaker6991@gmail.com. Let’s do this togetherimg_20171021_2016332.jpg.jpeg

My greatest lesson for last month is a line from cry for you by Lecrae 
Crooked sticks draw straight lines “
God has been teaching me to believe in people. There was I time I had those yearly filter plans where I would write off people that didn’t seem to be directly impacting my life. I came across something about God bringing some people into our lives and bringing us into some people’s lives. That there are people God sends as a blessing to us and some that we are a blessing to. It’s not an easy thing to do.. but well does love not suffer long? (1Cor 13). All am saying is some days the love God sheds in our hearts will compel us to do certain things we are sure we would have never done in our right mind. It will make us believe where giving up is the more reasonable option.


For November I am excited. We launched Pneuma Fellowship at Kampala Parents School on Friday. It will be happening every Friday henceforth. What a way to start the new month. I am excited for the beautiful things that are going to rain in our lives this month.
How was October for you?  My curious self is willing to follow the cat six feet just to know. Otherwise stay happy, live, laugh and love.


Psalms16: 6  The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good heritage.


 7  I will bless the Lord, Who has given me counsel; yes, my heart instructs me in the night seasons.


 8  I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.


 9  Therefore my heart is glad and my glory [my inner self] rejoices; my body too shall rest and confidently dwell in safety,


 10  For You will not abandon me to Sheol (the place of the dead), neither will You suffer Your holy one [Holy One] to see corruption. [Acts 13:35.]


 11  You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. [Acts 2:25-28, 31.]


Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind


Depression series3 #GuestBlogger


Depression is a season of lowered happiness or morale. A period of unhappiness. A time of low spirits. It’s a time when one feels pressed down; sad; bored; or reduced in spirit; or experiencing lowered enthusiasm or energy, low mood, or low feelings.
I call it a season and not a state or condition, as Science puts it, because it is temporary. That’s the first thing to acknowledge about depression – it’s not permanent.
Secondly, I used the word _feel_ to show that it can be edited.
Depression is when your soul feels sunken. Like it’s being pulled down. It is humbled, prostrated, reduced, weakened, or bowed down. It is cast down or despairing.

Depression is not explicitly talked about in the Bible but it is derived. It is represented by words like _downcast, brokenhearted, troubled, miserable, despairing, mourning,_ etc.

To a person experiencing depression right now, I’d like you to know this:
Depression is common to man.
It’s not something you alone experience or go through, it is something normal human beings go through from time to time at different times. It’s not special to you. Not specific at all. Some just have a better way of dealing with it while others know how to do their best to avoid it. But it’s a very human experience. You’re not alone.

In fact, a number of people in the Bible experienced depression. Moses did when the children of Israel rebelled against God, David did and he expresses it in the Psalms, Elijah did after the threat from Jezebel, Job (no secret) did, Jeremiah did, Jonah did, even Jesus himself. Great men and women of God experienced depression, and they overcame it. So can anyone else.

Depression usually comes after a great exertion. Could be a great move of God, could be a great personal project; at the end of the day you are emotionally drained and fatigued in your soul. This is a normal thing to happen. How do you react though?

Depression causes different reactions from different people, but all related. One thing noticed is that depression causes suicidal thought. In fact, it is said that two out of every three cases of suicide every year is a result of depression. Two thirds every year!
Let’s see how our heroes fared; Suicidal thought got to Moses (Ex. 32:32, Num. 11:10-15). David was so depressed (2 Sam. 12:1-23) that he did not eat or commune with his kin, or sleep, for a week; that’s the time that he wrote Psalm 51. Elijah got suicidal too (1 Kings 19:4). Job cursed his birthday and longed for death (Job 3). Jeremiah also cursed his birthday (Jer. 20:14-18). Jonah also suicidal (Jonah 4). Even Jesus, described as a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief (Is. 53:3), also got sorrowful to death (Mark 14:32-34) except that he sorted to prayer (:35-42) (Matt. 26:36-46).

How Jesus responded is the pacesetter for how to deal with depression.
Step one is to tell your friends. Isolation is not the issue when you’re depressed. Jesus told Peter, James and John – his inner circle. He didn’t keep it to himself. He shared how he felt with his friends.
Secondly, he did not just stop at telling them, he took action. He asked them to pray with him. He didn’t ask them to pray for him while he wallowed in sorrow. He too was participating. He took action. Step two is decide on a way forward and take action with your friends.
Step three is progress report. You gotta check whether your friends are still on board helping you from time to time or they’re sleeping on you. Either way, you push on with the plan, do your part and pull them along.

Overcoming depression involves a number of pointers:
First is acknowledging that God is there with you in that valley of depression. With all these people, God was always in the picture. In fact they knew it, and that’s why we see them directing all their responses to God.
Are you depressed, or is someone around you depressed? Encourage them with Deut. 31:8. The Spirit didn’t abandon our heroes, neither will He abandon you. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit when he went through depression.
God is nearer than one feels when one is depressed – Ps. 34:17-18.
Recognise that God is with you and for you – Is. 41:10. Ps. 37:24. Ps. 3:3.
That God loves you dearly even during your depression – Rom. 8:35-39.
And then, start working on your thoughts – Phil. 4:8.
Talking to yourself is not madness. It’s therapy. Do it. Ps. 42:11.
Surround yourself with the right people. You need joy-givers and hope bringers in your life. You should get a friend who cracks jokes, or makes you laugh, or takes you out for a good time, or is always jolly. You need such friends during the time of depression, hang around them. Prov. 12:25 kind of friends.
Or you might need to be such the friend to someone else, that you comfort them through their season like 2 Cor. 1:3-4 intimates.
Another thing to do is get active. Practise an active love for God and others. Engage in a ministry activities. Help someone else out of a fix. Assist a friend fix a problem. You need the distraction.

Is anyone around you going through depression? Be a joy-giver and a hope giver. Choose to be the encourager. The world needs more of such.
Are you depressed? Hope is the solution. Hope in God (Ps. 42:11).
Turn to Jesus because He cares for you – 1 Pet. 5:7.
Jesus is the answer – Matt. 11:28-30.


By Larry  Mwalye

Woop!! Woop!! A round of applause please. This is the kind of post you read with your Bible close by. Personally I am all kinds of blessed. My favorite part is the constant sound of hope throughout the writing. It is not permanent, it is not exclusive to you, it is not something you stay it, you are simply passing through it.
Allow me leave you to let all this sink.
Otherwise we are still going strong on this depression series.. Well because Mental health matters and above all you matter!!

Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

Depression Series 2 #POETRY


In a world
Where depression is synonymous with evil spirits
Where many flee from your aura because they are afraid they will catch your “bad luck ”
They are too scared
Too afraid to breath in the negative air that engulfs your presence
Worried your vice may be contagious
That the nothingness you feel will spread

In a culture
Where people that shut out the world
lock their tears behind fortresses of strength are considered heroes
Where everyone is mimicking Superman
There is no room for weakness
No room to let the darkness in you glow
No safe place to place your crumbled pieces
No pillow to cast the weariness in your soul
People will say you have embraced the demons of the “white man”
Because its not African to drown in a despair you don’t understand
It’s not Black to feel like your soul was sore
To have wounds from bullets that only exist in your mind
They will link your constant need for solitude to a curse
The people you love will flee from your side
Or you will ask them to
They will give you space to save yourself from your ocean of sadness


You will drown
That even as you reach out you will only gravitate back to the blues of your sea
Your monsters will drag your heart along the rocky terrain
As you struggle to free yourself
As you stand strong against the winds crashing on your side
You will hurt
Your feet will bleed
You will want to give up
Your heart will speak through tears
You will be provoked to give in
To let go of the ray of hope you look to
You will be tempted to think the world has no face because it’s back is all you have seen


Light at the end of the tunnel

Or may be
Maybe you will believe
Maybe the still voice within will remind you that You Matter
That your oceans are seas meant to be parted
That the rocks that grazed your heart could not break your spirit
That the mountains you tried to climb are hills meant to be moved
Maybe you will dance
You will twist your waist to the tune of every painful word that re-echoed in your head
You will write poetry about the demons that only came to bow at your feet
Maybe you will rise
You will teach many that ruins can be rebuilt, monsters can be subdued, blessings can subdue curses, nothingness can birth something
And there
There you will realize
You were never weak
But rather
for too long

This post was inspired by some African opinions about mental health. For too long people have battled depression silently for the fear of being judged as outcasts. Countless others have been labeled moody, introvert etc because it is better than being depressed. We have taught people that weakness is a taboo, a forbidden fruit they should never eat of. But like I said our first step to healing is acknowledging that it is OK to be weak, to feel low, to feel nothing and then looking to the help. That’s my message throughout these series.

Our next post on this depression series is from a guest blogger and explores depression and how to overcome from a biblical perspective. I am personally excited!!!!
If you want to share with us anything in line with this feel free to email me at fionalaker6991@gmail.com

2Corinthians12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Otherwise how is everyone here? Please feel free to share with us how you are in the comments section.

Bellows of Love 💜
©Tales of a Curious mind

September Recap- Hello Uganda at 55

Hey there!!!
How is this side of life. On my side it has been winter. Endless snow balls that santa threw my way in the disguise of exams. Which explains why I have been playing “spy next door” with this platform.
We have so much catching up to do…ooh boy!! where to start..


September has been one of those months that passes by you. I only noticed after we parked in the October lane.
Yes!!! It felt like a hit and run, a bomb blast at noon… a spontaneous eruption that left before I felt it’s heat.


This is exactly how Independence day dashed in. I honestly wasn’t ready, I needed time to process it. It feels like just yesterday we were dancing to drum beats and ululation of a golden Jubilee and five years later we are still dancing.
Somewhere on social media a group of Ugandans are ranting about how colonized they feel. Down here in Bushyenyi our kinsmen are celebrating the visit of the president. The irony is hilarious


Kafunda Kreative and Uganda Blogging Community bring you an opportunity to tell your Ugandan story throughout this Independence week. We are Uganda, Let’s get writing!!!
Here is something small I scribbled…..

We will tell tales of history today, tomorrow
Of how we rejoiced in between pangs and painful wombs
Of our struggle to birth life out of death
We will sing songs of liberation
Of a freedom from shackles that grip our minds
Chains that remind us to tremble at the heat of the volcano
A liberty to exist in our entirety
To forget the voice of thunder and sound of fear
To be untangled with the kowtow to the scavenger
We will tell our children of a freedom we lived to see
One we foretold in our dreams and poetry
They will call us prophets.. Or maybe not
Maybe we will provoke them to covet to live free
Maybe we will cause them to lead better
Our history will resound in their hearts like cordless harmonies
Without tune they will seek to establish order
That even beyond death they will carry us in their minds
Tomorrow we will tell our story without sound
Because our scars will narrate our Victory

Pamoja Tunaweza!!!
Happy Independence Day

Moving on!!!
Our greatest lesson for September is derived from a quote by Dr. Maya Angelou.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


These words remind me that our purpose on this earth is more important that certain things we drain ourselves with. We are not here to simply exist but to thrive to live, laugh and love. For me this was a reminder to loosen up a little and be me.
For October I am expectant. I feel it’s going to be a very adventurous month.

Otherwise Our depression series is still on. I have not written poetry in a while but am planning to share a few pieces here this month. And above all to set aside Saturday for blogging. Let’s see how this goes

1John4:  You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Bellows of love.
©Tales of a curious mind

August!!! We need a Re-do

How is everyone here?
New Month blessings
It’s sad August had to come to an end….but isn’t the latter always greater than the former??
September is here!!! In a certain part of the world it’s spring… In my world it’s the wet season and the cold is giving us chilly hugs.
It’s weird how such a cold month was ushered with so much warmth…. I am personally excited.



August happened to be my birth month, so naturally it was festivity upon festivity. Well because, this girl just loves to make merry. Growing up for me has been easy probably because I have often been accused of acting beyond my age. I will neither deny nor confirm this though.
My theme for this new chapter is “living.” I am on a plan to live life and not just move with whatever comes. More like take the initiative to exhaust whatever life is bubbling within.
August also marked the end of my long holiday 😦 ,I know I know. It’s not a secret that school gets me playing hide and seek with this platform but this time round I am working on a way to make things happen.

For last month all I can say is gratitude!!!. I have been loved so deeply and for a long time I have wondered why exactly. You know how God bombards you with blessings and you want to tell him you were not ready for all that goodness and all…..yes that’s how August got me.


How can I thank you
If words never let me grasp their sound
How do I show you
That which seeks to remain hidden behind this smile
Just how does someone say the things that can only be felt

Moving on…
Throughout this month, my meditation has been in line with this Scripture;

2Co 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.

I have been reminded to “stop looking around for what is within “
Many times we are looking for approval, for acceptance from people whose opinion does not really matter that much because even after we get it we feel an emptiness. What if we asked ourselves about ourselves as much as we sought answers from those around. What if we simply chose to acknowledge this treasure in us and first set aside any popular opinion. What if?


Be you- The world will adjust

Last month we also finally started our series on depression with a letter and the next episode is also underway.
If you want to take part in this particular series do email me at fionalaker6991@gmail.com.

For September I am expecting to be hugged by blessing upon blessing, to be a blessing and above all to learn from every experience.
There is a #SeptemberBlogChallenge by http://Afrobloggers.wordpress.com. I can’t promise blogging each day but I will set a side a week to stretch myself. Please follow the link or @afrobloggers on twitter for more information.

All that said Happy September!!!
How did August go for you? Do share in the comment section below.

Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

Book Review: UNASHAMED by Lecrae

Author: Lecrae Devaughn Moore
Rating: 4.5/5


I have always wondered what it feels like to swim in someone’s mind, let alone let them sail in mine. It’s scary!!….isn’t it?
Like I always say our greatest fear is that when we shine our darkness even the light in us will be mocked.
Unashamed places Lecrae Moore on a spectrum that emits all his colours. The rapper allows us to come face to face with his fears, trials and hopes. The tone throughout the book is stern, more like a silent plea as he allows the reader pick lessons from all his experiences. Calling his book a biography would limit the diversity that he wants to draw us into. It’s a memoir but along the way it undergoes metamorphosis and becomes a commentary.

From an early age, Lecrae is raised by a single mother which naturally leaves him with the void of fatherlessness. As a Child he finds himself seeking approval from the males in his life which in this case are his uncles.
Some of the experiences Lecrae shares with the reader are the kind we want to keep locked away in the closet. A case in point is a sexual abuse by a girl his mother trusted to watch over him as she ran multiple jobs, or the time his step father transformed into a lion of sorts.
Frustrated by the circumstances of his early life Lecrae always found himself seeking the approval he had missed in alcohol, drugs and girls. He even tells us of a girl he convinced to have an abortion, the countless heart breaks he orchestrated and a time he ended up with an STD.
The problem with holding so much in is that when you erupt you leave many pieces of you shattered. Lecrae got to this point and decided death was a better ally than having to live with depression, loneliness and rejection. Fortunate for us (because I am such a Lecrae fan)  ,the suicide attempt was unsuccessful after which he found himself in rehab.

When Lecrae writes;
If you live for people’s approval you will die by their rejection we all agree because his life paints the different shades of what the people you trust can become. Like any other child growing up in an urban setting, Lecrae recalls finding solace in rappers and hip hop in fact he writes
“Tupac was sort of like my second parent because he was like my mom and favourite uncle wrapped in one person.”

In a world where he found himself as a constant Anomally he tells us ;

Hip-hop gave me hope that even though I felt alone, I wasn’t. It reminded me that there is often a difference in the value people ascribe to you and your actual worth. It told me that my pain was valid.That even though I wasn’t speaking of my struggles, they were worth discussing.

As the book progresses we meet Lecrae after he has encountered Jesus. We are tempted to forget what he had gone through before and our expectations of him begin to sky rocket. This is the half of the book that sounded more like a commentary to me.
Lecrae discusses issues from self righteousness, to his decision “Christian rapper” turned “rapper who is Christian” and his struggles to please God and Christians that constantly left him drained. He felt the need, to reach out to the world more, to reach out to people that were going through what he had experienced. I like what he says about this;
Talking about wounds is important but talking about our healed wounds is just as important because scars are evidence that wounds can heal.
Lecrae argues that if he sees the world through a biblical lens he will naturally produce music that both glorifies God and impacts the world. This need for cultural engagement and inclusiveness seems to stem from his experience at the 2015 Grammys where many avoided him for fear he was going to “throw a judgmental line” and his need to reach out to the world.
What I think Lecrae wants to tell us is “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22)
As I read the book I kept nodding at the points he gives as he dissects self righteousness. His bravery and honesty as he spoke about some of the experiences in his life left ripples of sadness, especially the time his mother cried when visiting him at rehab. Unashamed for me spells hope, bravery, it tells the story of prevailing against all hope.
In fact when Lecrae speaks about his successes like overcoming depression and drug misuse, starting Reach Records, getting married to an amazing wife, reaching a wider audience and impacting more lives with the Gospel it’s as if he wants to shout out to anyone battling the same that there is HOPE.
Like I mentioned earlier one thing cannot fully explain the stories Lecrae shares in Unashamed, not even this review. You can only copy after basking in his world through the pages like I did. With each experience he attaches a formidable lesson that will not leave anyone the same
Must read!!!

Bellows of love

© Tales of a curious mind

Depression Series1 : LETTER

Hey There,
I was tempted to ask how you are but again I reconsidered. I know that answer all too well. That smile that shields the tears hugging your eyes when you say ” I am fine, thank you.”
Most times you want to say you feel nothing, that the only thing your senses feel is numbness. That sometimes you feel like your soul were estranged and you and your body are at war.
But again you wonder whether we will give ear to your insane jargon. How can someone possibly understand the mayhem that lives within. How can they understand what it means to want to feel things that continuously scamper right ahead.


I know you are probably wondering why I am awakening these demons that haunt you. Why I am pretending to understand your pain. You wonder if I know how it feels to only feel the things you loathe but believe you me I do. I know how it feels to be hopeless, to be engulfed by a pain you can’t explain, to feel like your heart were pumping on needles. Ooh how I do.
When you mentioned betrayal, I felt the need to tell you that sometimes you will go through such things. You will trust people that will turn around and stab every piece of you. They will provoke you to harden your heart to the world. But how I pray you don’t let such weights hang on the springs of your heart. How I pray that amidst all what seems like rejection you hold on to that small voice whispering “YOU MATTER.” Lecrae speaks to us all when he says “if you live for people’s approval you will die by their rejection “ how I pray that you remember the priceless gem you are everyday. That you remember that there is no one that can have a more honest opinion about you than yourself. That you stop looking around for what is bubbling within.
How I pray that when you are angry you write, you cry, you sing, you rant but don’t hold that pain within. Don’t allow it’s heat to boil against your heart.
You said you hated how life always took away, that it felt like a vacuum that only seeks to empty you. I have felt like that, many times. I have asked myself questions and been answered by my echo, I have questioned some things I thought to be true. But you see here I am. I feel the need to remind you that you are a fighter. I actually admire how much you have withstood. The things you carry within not many can. But may be you are not meant carry this bulk alone,the English say “a problem shared is half solved ” maybe you need to look closely around you there is always that one person reaching out that we shut away. I know it’s hard to shine our darkness for fear that they will mock even the light in us. But like Nelson Mandela asserts “let your decisions reflect your hopes and not your fears” I pray you write, talk, sing about how you feel.

These things that happened to you are not who you are. May you remind yourself daily, may you rewrite your identity, may you find hope in the smallest of things.
Spurgeon says “we are too prone to engrave our trials in marble and write our blessings in sand. “ These things he says, I have often been tempted to do, we all have. I often wonder what it would be like if we amplified our blessings or if we simply counted them like we do our pains. I urge you to write your victories more often because they are just a sneak peak to who you are, and can be.
As I write I am tempted to never put down my pen because in my writing I give you hugs, I smile, it reminds me of the time I was always close by. I seek to say much, and yet I am afraid words seem to limit me. But beyond these words is a heart that genuinely loves.
I urge you to read this letter as often as you can and be reminded that someone somewhere loves you. Someone somewhere cares.

Yours ME!!

Bellows of love

©Tales of a curious mind

The future of Story telling #UgBlogweek Day3

Hey Hey!!!
Its #Ugblogweek people.
When I read the theme for this month’s Ugblogweek, a cold shiver gripped my spine. For some reason I was afraid- afraid some of our stories will not stand the test of time enough to make it to the future.
I was reminded of stories in which hare was the villain, the wisest of them all. He was always making animals pay for sins he had committed and yet we loved him. If this tale was told by your grandmother, you know one thing is true, you had to refrain from asking questions like – how come animals no longer speak to us today or why is hare in every animal story. In fact there was no room for doubt. You had to believe every story as the teller remembered it.
Then came the tales of Idd Amin, Obote and H.E Museveni. My grandmother said Museveni won because of diversity. He became anything as circumstance demanded, from tablet to toothbrush, to the very hair on your head. No one was safe, you couldn’t slander him in fear that the plate before you would turn and slap you.


Times have changed since then. You can’t tell lies and prosper. With time many of us have learnt how to read and write and consequently it’s impossible for a single story to be taken as the ultimate truth. This in itself was a stepping stone towards the future. Hare stories became bedtime stories, then slowly their importance diminished. It was easier to relate to holy Moses and king kong, or kosiya kifefe. Our fantasies were colonized by Sidney Sheldon, Babra Catlan, Jeffrey Archer and the likes. But as we grew older, we sought for something more relatable, something other than sipping cappuccino and going on vacations to the Bahamas. That’s where African literature crept in. The beautiful girls in these books did not have blonde hair and patrician noses. The handsome men looked like our brothers. For many of us this was the genesis of the future because stories don’t make sense until you feel drawn in by the writer. For many this brought to our realization that writing was not a “white man’s” thing but a hobby or profession anyone can delve into.
As the platforms for expression increased, more writers emerged. As goes the saying “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” Blogs, social media etc are the doors that bring together stories of people far and near. We write about everything today. Anyone and everyone is a writer, either writing their stories or documenting their communities. Poets and singers give life to these stories in their work. I am tempted to say this is the future or may be it isn’t who knows?
Am only afraid as I said that maybe our stories will not see tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will have no story to tell because we will be grandmothers that spent more time reading people’s stories than writing ours. Maybe whatever we write today will shape our narrative tomorrow. Just maybe.


Any who it’s #Ugblogweek and as you may have noticed am not very conversant with the theme but see me creating a door where opportunity hasn’t knocked. I believe that is what the future will look like.

I would love to hear your views on the theme;
What is your vision of the future of story telling?

Otherwise I hope we are all well
Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

July Recap (Counting Blessings)

Hey there! Happy New Month.
I hope you catch my new month excitement. It’s the August dash!!
All that screams, “HAPPY NEW MONTH.”


Firstly if you missed our first Blog-o-versary (I love how the “o” makes it sound) dive here maybe after that you will contract my hype.
Otherwise if you have been sailing with us since June you know July has been a voyage of self discovery.
I must admit it’s no cream rolls and oreos. It’s the kind that challenges everything you assume of yourself. My biggest question has been- “why”, because I believe if we can knit whatever we do to reason then we have embarked on our purpose.
Still close to that, like I mentioned in last month’s recap, the plan was to face everything with a mind of victory.
More like the account in Numbers 13 and 14 when Joshua and Caleb looked at giants and considered them to be as bread to eat while the other ten considered themselves grasshoppers before the same giants. You need to define your PERSPECTIVE!!!
if you look from above trees will be reduced to lilies. Choose to be an eagle because “unless you win, it’s not finished.”
Which only means giants or not the promised land is your inheritance. (Selah)


Before writing this recap, I deliberately went through all our recaps this year. One thing was consistent….. -growth. With every month it’s clear we are walking in our monthly lessons to better ourselves. I also noticed that some lessons are taking longer to stick.
Well, after all ,isn’t life a school? And just like any other school, some excel, others retake others rebound etc. But we have chosen to hold on to each lesson to excel because that is simply who we are!!

Last month I also found myself in conversation that revolved around depression. Because as a blog we write out of necessity, I decided our life series is going to be on DEPRESSION. I plan on sharing from intuition,personal experience, experiences of others and my knowledge of behavioral science. I pray that at the end of it all we all pick timeless lessons that we can use to help ourselves and those we love.

The short stories will also feature a chapter, a month and also a monthly book review. We are in for summer my dear bloggren -endless summer.


I am weirdly excited this month round. It’s just the weird kind of excitement that has no basic root. How was July for you?  Have you ever considered doing a self discovery?  How did it go?
Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

One year Later – Blogoversary

Hello blogren!! How do you do? I have been meaning to ask that in a while now. It’s weird how I sometimes feel like we are connected in a way. Do you ever feel that way? especially with people you have never met or don’t really talk to?? Do let me know

Well well let’s get to the gist of the matter shall we..?


Today this part of earth just added a layer of skin. It’s our first blog birthday. This 365day journey we have just concluded has been in one word “ecstatic. “
One that would not be the same without each one of you. Thank you so much.. Asante sana, vielen dank, apwoyo,… Thank you for making Tales of a curious mind a home worth living in. Thank you I am forever indebted.


As I picked out the things to share on our blog merry day, it occurred to me that I have never actually shared with us all how we got here, why we started blogging etcetera. So on that note, I formulated a short Q&A.


Because its our basde (birthday)😂

1.Why did you start blogging?

Before I started blogging I was writing. I have had yearly journals since I was ten where I scribble everything and anything.
Starting a blog was my way of sharing me with the world. I have a weird thing for people, I have gone through things I wouldn’t want someone else going through especially if what I learnt through it can help.
Much as most of the posts here are not personal, they represent experiences of real people. Blogging for me is a way to be an answer, add to the solution (if that makes sense)

Secondly, being the bibliophile I am, way before I started blogging I followed many blogs here. I would just come read, stalk and disappear. Many times I picked sobering lessons.
I didn’t fully understand this whole blogging thing but I knew I wanted whatever these guys were doing.

2.How has blogging benefitted you?

When I had just started blogging I didn’t even know the benefits of blogging. If you have read my earliest posts you can tell. I would write like I always did in my journal -no proof reading, grammatical errors etc
But along the way it occurred to me that much as the message was mine entirely I needed to package it in a way that my target audience could relate to.
I receive emails from amazing readers telling me how they think I should improve certain things. For me this is everything and am sure many bloggers can relate. Having people that take time to read your work has a way it makes you feel.

Like any other platform this blog has not only brought friends but mentors too. People who are constantly holding you against each promise you make about a future post. People who present you cool opportunities and many other cool things.

Other than that my writing has improved. I have had to literally stretch my creativity at times which has proven that deep within is a “you can do all things” me.

3.What challenges have you met and how did you overcome them?

I like to say “The purity of Gold is tested by fire” every good thing presents what we would call challenges. But as Nelson Mandela asserts “The greatest glory lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. “.
I recall the time I had just started blogging and I could swear I was the only one reading my posts. Many times the stats were embarrassing. I believe what helped me was the notion that I wasn’t really a writer. I thought of myself as someone trying to write so naturally I kept on keeping on.

There are times I suffer a “writer’s block ” my mind literally freezes. Then school also has a way of keeping me locked to the desk but as I said somehow I rise. Whichever challenge I either go through, above or around it but somehow I prevail always!!

4.Why tales of a curious mind?

I know right!!
Who under heaven calls there blog that…!? Well I am naturally curious. I find myself reading work if the writer can sustain me in the place of curiosity. Am always looking around for what to add to the answer.
Tales of a curious mind is my perspective of things my curiosity gets me into.

5.Do you have a blog niche?

I write basically poetry, lifestyle, God.. let’s say a little of everything. I want to call this a self discovery. Who knows!!, maybe one day I will narrow it all down to one or two.

6.What is your favorite blog post and why?

It’s not just one, I have an attachment to each post but the Life Series stand out in a way.
I think majorly because beyond speaking to people, I have learnt a lot as I write them.

7.Message to someone out there who is skeptical about opening a blog?

Blogging as a journey is something every writer should take. It will teach you many timeless lessons.
It is one thing to write “fwaah” it’s another when it’s wrapped in purpose and necessity.
If you feel you have something someone needs, want a place to rant ,want to inspire, have a business to advertise whatever it is feel free to write it.
Even as you blog stay true to who you are and what you want to put across. You will be amazed at how much you can do!!!!

8.Message to your readers ?
You guys are the real super heroes!!
Thank you so much for making me smile.. weird I know but your comments make me happy. In fact sometimes am thinking “if only these guys could see me. ”
Thank you for making this a journey worth taking, for staying around as I tread this my road to self discovery. I am lost for words..
Thank you!!!!!


The choice of the above questions is based on questions am often asked.
Thank you for reading always!!

Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind