School Functions :) #Ugblogweek

School was beautiful as long as you were not Cinderella who came with only stacks of books and never had that extra “15bob” to pay for that func to Ngo or SMACK.
To fit in Cinderella had to role play princess and turn back to her pauper ways only after midnight.
Well it is #Ugblogweek and I plan to tell you little Ella’s story.

Fifi help me book a slot just Incase they are limiting “

I went to one of those traditional singleΒ  schools where everyone was trying to “Play cool ”
From the girl that received mail everyday (yes po. Box was that serious)
,to madam know it all,to the chick that knew all the cool boys or travelled for first term holidays to the Bahamas and the other that had half our school fees for pocket money (I tell you)
But today I want to paint the life of this Cinderella who loved “funcs” but couldn’t part with 15k every weekend.
It was harder in my school there was nothing like PC(peeping committee) after all staring was rude.
The club presidents also did everything in their power so no one would sneak in .
Little Ella would stay coiled in her bed as the music from the main hall danced “embalu ” in her mind.
At every call she would implore the heavens to let it be Mr.Prince charming with his slipper (I still don’t know why am using this fairytale but well).
On a bright day as she walks for lunch “prince charming ” would stop her with the usual lines
I was wondering if you know this imaginaryΒ  friend of mine Trish
She’s in form four “
They say situations bring people together especially if it involves a desperate prince and poor Ella.
Cinderella may be broke but she is not dumb so she would cook up a story of how Trish is her classmate and they both didn’t attend the func because of this blah blah practical (even if we all know she couldn’t afford)
So alas she spends the rest of her day with Prince Charming only for time to part them when their bus is leaving.
Prince Charming is a gentleman so he leaves his tie and promises to always write.
Little Ella has killed three birds with one stone and will have a lot to share with her cool friends about her day but we all know that school made her no better it simply made her build castles in the air she will never live in because well she cannot fly.


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