Love Letter #Ugblogweek

If you were a girl and you never received any of these things you were either too smart, too rich or anything that scared away the little boys.
I vividly remember those moments in primary school where the senior lady, teacher Lillian , would come to address the assembly of students with a small piece of paper in her hands.
We all waited in curiosity to feed our ears to the daily bread.
Boys were always writing love letters and girls were always reporting,it was natural order.
Thinking about it now makes me realize how old we have grown, nowadays your proposal dangles only to be dumped at the altar,some wait for the sixth kid, to say it was a joke.

Am not here to pass verdicts or condemn whoever did or is doing whatever, on the contrary, am here to continue “Johnny the bully’s ” story -love letter edition (lol.. Katandika butandisi amaso kulutimbe akabina kundongo)

On that fateful day,poor Johnny decided enough is enough. He was tired of abiding in Ritah’s shadow and decided he needed lights “amataala”(lol).
So he approached one of those love letter experts -yes we had those, who scribbled a stomach turning letter that was to be as love portion to Ritah’s heart.
Ritah was the most beautiful girl in our class,unlike most of us, by primary five she already had those voluptuous breast and undulating hips.
To the boys she was a god ,but to us she was Lucifer, most of us didn’t like her though I can’t recall why.
Tadeo (the love letter expert) slid the letter into Ritah’s science book just before the lesson.
As Mr. Obua went on about the lesson we had a loud scream! ,some of us echoed it as snake,others cockroach.
Most of the girls were now standing on tables as others scampered to the door for dear life.
Ritah walked up to the teacher,tears rolling down her cheeks, and whispered softly then handed him the letter.
(Am not very good at narrating, people usually sleep when am telling stories… But well)
Mr. Obua called Johnny and caned him before reading the love letter.
You have been spending days in my heart without paying rent
Day by night you run through my mind
Honey I don’t like you being tired please rest in my heart today.
I tell you Tadeo was a pro.
Later that day Ritah and Johnny’s parents were called and he was caned at evening assembly for wanting to be lover boy at such a tender age.
I still don’t know if expressing feelings is bad but atleast I know school taught us that it was better to bury them in the sea of forgetfulness.

I had planned to post for each day of Ugblogweek but well I travelled and somehow it got in my way.
For the rest of the days am taking the bull to Mars… Lol
Otherwise here feels warm I want to attend some people’s former schools… Ok bye. 

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