Enroute to Ishaka

They always told stories of the west the land of milk and honey and believe you me they lie not. What they don’t say is how this “milkhoneyshake” comes with chilly nights and many other beautiful things. If you have traveled to Mbarara for one, you will agree with me of how the journey feels … More Enroute to Ishaka

The Now

I don’t make New Year resolutions, the last I drafted ended with nothing achieved. I don’t like to judge my success or failure based on a short list of things written on paper that perishes. It may sound like justification for living a direction less life or so but well am so convinced in this … More The Now

The midnight bird

The midnight bird sings and whispers It tells me stories of tomorrow Joy, love, peace and glad tidings It dances to the harmony of a song in my heart Melodies of certainty Assurance of seeing the flowers bloom The midnight bird cries Tears of contentment Fear that I may forget my place Sail into illusion … More The midnight bird


I have always known That you were a part of my story But somehow I lost count of chapters Like wheel and Axel or pestle and mortar We were to play “team” But somehow I failed to find the fixtures Somehow the league became history I have always known you were special That I had … More 🙂


Love as strong as death, And the heart wants what the heart wants, Like her attention in a crowded room Like his voice in a rose’s bloom Love desires to be stirred up Sometimes even before it’s time She’s a child who found her parents Unaware of their mutual cadence Love spells his name with … More