The audience must say Amen


I came across that poster somewhere on social media. But well, don’t we all love social media?.
As our counterparts are ranting their dissatisfaction on the usage of social media in Uganda, we are saying amen for the daily meal it freely serves before us.

If you love poetry, you definitely know Kagayi Peter. But nonetheless even if you don’t love poetry but have one of those nagging friends that is always chanting about poets you must have heard the name.
To some of you he may have been a topic you discussed over coffee or a face you have seen on your television or theater.
Wherever and whichever the case you must some how be acquainted with the name.

“The audience must say Amen” is a beautiful theme.
I have a lot to say on it but again I fear that I might spoil the show for you.
Simply put together your nice clothes and shoes and appear at One 54,Bunga on 22nd November for a live experience of this thing am trying to explain.

I met Kagayi Peter in my high school days(after all don’t we all want to be associated with people in high places 😂), he always brought the lantern meet of poets to recite poetry at school shows.
All this happened at a time when our minds were darkened to the beauty of poetry, we had been deceived that nursery rhymes were poems or that saying “aids aids aids” repeatedly made that a poem.
Believe you me, like many of the Ugandans out here we had been deceived.
The difference between us and many of them is some one invested effort to carry us out of that darkness.
I saw Kagayi Peter unveil the writer and poet that had for so long been buried away in the inside of many.
I saw him give his all to build poets out of what appeared like nothing. Soon many were interested, so many shows were organized and the newly formed poetry club had picked up.
Right now every one can indisputably confirm that poetry in Nabisunsa is a bar ahead of ordinary rhymes.

I will not lie to you that my brief post can perfectly put together Kagayi’s achievements. If I told you that before, please don’t believe me.
All I can tell you is that to some he has become a legend and to others a mentor.
Remember 22nd November 😄.

If you move alone you go fast but if you move with others you go far

4 thoughts on “The audience must say Amen

  1. I went for one of his shows. It was at the German Cultural centre but ehh..I think I’m just slow but I got lost so many times.hehe.. Must have been the whole drama filled poetry thing which, if you ask me, is the bomb, is fresh and absolutely genius if performed to perfection.

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