Diary of a self proclaimed writer #Ugblogweek

Ug Blog Week is here!
This is that part of the month that splits asunder “the writer” and the “wannabe”.
As I grew up I convinced myself of so many things, like how I had a super hero gene that was waiting for me to turn eighteen then manifest or how one day I would wake up to a house full of billions and many other things am embarrassed to share on this intellectual blogosphere.
Among the things I wished possessed to be true by association was writing.
Where I come from writing is not upheld as prestigious by our traditional parents. You either went to medical school or law school anything else in between raised no brows.
Consequently many of us were sentenced to a terminal exemption from the realm of creativity.
Even when we tried we ended in pathetic rhymes and endless mambo jambo.
For so long I assumed that all other Ugandans had sailed by the same until I started feeding off this platform.

One honest confession I have to make is that the talent in Uganda is head turning. Every one seems to fit in this big puzzle of creativity.
The issue is when you cannot locate which piece you are or where exactly you fit.
I went through a try and error phase where I played volleyball, basketball, joined choir attempted to play drums, joined debate among so many other things.
As I did my trials I realized I could do anything as long as I showed interest, the English man decided to call it being versatile.
I there fore decided that I was a writer, irrespective of whether I sounded like Tamale Mirundi or Trump in my writings.
The bravest step was deciding to share my junk pieces on a blog that I closed months later due to technical problems.
I even changed my profile on social media and added “writer .”
A few of my kind friends here whose names I will not disclose because I love my life I care about their reputation implored me to try rapping or reciting poetry instead of writing.
I didn’t trash their beautiful ideas after all am versatile noso?
Ok to cut this long story short I pulled through the gallows of hell and the enemy 😂 and chose to be a writer.
I actually believe writers are not made or born, you simply wake up with your entire body screaming WRITE!!!  and you become a writer.
For those that have been caused to believe their writing is genetic remember mutation is real.

Wait it’s midnight
Good morning 🙂 welcome to ug blog week day 2.

I hope to be extremely unpredictable this week, otherwise thank you for reading 😄

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