Social Media kungfu #Ugblogweek day 3


I grew up watching Chinese movies. For the greater part of my child hood my eyes were saved the burden of gazing at innumerable packs of rock or having to see lips hugging among other bad manners things.
Sadly,as I became of age my love for Jackie Chan seemingly died out only to be replaced by this monster they call Hollywood.

I love social media, in fact sometimes I think am besotted.
I find myself cuddling my phone like a child in need of warmth.
I even sometimes forego chocolates just to reserve a few coins for Mbs.
Social media to me is like like theatre. Daily am bombarded with Tom and Jerry scenes, Donnie and Clintie, dog and mouse among others.
The most dramatic thing on social media though is when Bruce Lee resurrects from the dead to face Jackie Chan.
Like really!!!  Nigga you don’t have to prove your relevance by fighting little children.
If you don’t understand this post I forgive you, it only means you were either born ahead of time when Disney was reality in Uganda  or before Christ when having a television meant you were the richest man in the village.

Forgive my irrelevance,back to the intent of this post.
Humour is beautiful, in fact it’s one of the reasons I constantly check my twitter TL, but when humour becomes extreme then what is meant to make happy could kill.
I have seen individuals who wake up to either rant insults or give a snake in the eagles shadow kick at every Tom dick and Harry.
Old men fighting little boys in pampers, young girls insulting mother. It’s only necessary to ask what makes social media social. May be we should deem it antisocial media ,maybe then all these forbidden kingdom kungfu moves will be justifiable.
I have seen many commit cyber crime and hide behind the blanket of freedom of expression.
But should one’s freedom rob another of his right to liberty?
Is it freedom when I only say what appeases my audience?
Of this am also confused,maybe what we need is a definition for freedom and less of this blood shed on social media because of highly skilled Chinese warriors. 

I think I should end this post, I have made my point.

If you cannot contain your Kungfu, buy a punching bag or get an air ticket to China  but please leave our social media platforms out of this.

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