I am naturally an excited person but again am very selective to what excites me.
This entire month I have been excited.
Firstly because of November blessing that has left many of us speechless and even more now Shout Encore.


Shout Encore is the theme for this year’s edition of worship experience as organized by Pneuma Word Ministries .
This year we join the heavens to shout encore!!  at the beauty of his splendor.
The difference between this and other worship experience you may have attended in the past is that this features music written and produced by “the perfected ” which doubles as the Pneuma Word choir.

The perfected and Canaan Gents

I have come to learn a few things about worship.
Worship is simply a response in love to the heart of God.
It is possible for someone to only praise God but never worship him because worship seeks the place of intimacy.
When you’re intimate with God even your laughter is worship before him. He finds pleasure in you because you are knit by the oneness of love.
Shout Encore is an experience of this and more. It’s not just a combination of melodious voices and a furnished band.
It’s music that causes heaven to evade earth.
I always asked myself why God seeks that we worship him yet the angels are constantly bowing in adoration until recently when I realized that we are one Spirit with him, we are his glory therefore we are the only one’s that can give him glory.
Giving God glory for us is giving him ourselves.

Walter Keys will be at #ShoutEncore

I could go on and on about the beauty of worship but someone reminded me that this show isn’t only worship its an experience.
Each and everyone has to have their personal experience on Friday  2nd December.
Like love you cannot narrate worship, someone has to experience it for themselves.
Come next Friday at Kampala Parents School Naguru at 5pm and have your own experience.
Remember you don’t want to experience this alone you want to carry your loved ones.

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