This Is Uganda #Ugblogweek finale


Let’s blame course work or credit crunch or anything that I want to crucify to appease my laziness.
I had my week planned out but like a time bomb everything else came crashing in my face.
But for now let’s write the future after all the past is in the tomb and the future is in the womb innit? 

It’s the last day of Ugblogweek and like the wise always say it’s better to end well than to even start at all I made it a point to scribble something today.
I read a post two days ago that almost made me sob.
Firstly I am not the emotional kind or the cry baby but this particular post had a way of blending out every emotion I had buried inside.
It’s one thing when racists paint our country with garbage, it’s another when we present them the garbage.
It has become monotony for our white friends to assume that this beautiful country only has Idd Amin Dada or poverty or corruption or high levels of teenage pregnancy jotted down in history. Of this we forgive them after all our history died with the men that saw the days of old.
It is however agonizing to see a literate Ugandan speaking ill of the hand that fed him (at least let it be truth).
Moving on am also disturbed by the phrase this is Uganda. Maybe am just a little retarded and probably can’t comprehend certain things.
Are you saying its Okay for little girls to be raped, workers to go without pay, women to be battered and exploited simply because “this is Uganda.”
If you think like this I don’t think I want to be friends with you. These are the shackles that bind our country to what we claim to be fighting against.
The slavery and exploitation that is so alive in the minds of the African man today is not merely an effect of colonialism: it’s our  reluctance to outlive colonial days. Even if we claim we want freedom maybe we are still too attached to what enslaves us to live without it.

I hope for a day when Uganda and Africa as a whole will acknowledge the beauty in them and ignore the beauty in the world. I hope to live that day

Uganda is the pearl of Africa, Uganda has beautiful people, Uganda has magnificent scenery, Uganda has diversity of culture :This is Uganda.

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