It’s not the devil

Daily she saw her life hang between the gallons of death and life
Caught in betwixt yet frail like the wind
the devil shall not prosper, I bind him I curse him “
-Mumblings of a desperate soul

Daily the sole of her heel trampled upon him
Constant awareness of plans he is powerless to birth
I break the plans of the devil “
-blatant ignorance

Daily she wore a blood that was sealed in her
Seeking refuge from a Bible tucked under the pillow
Asking God to protect from what couldn’t harm

Daily she recited beads of prayer
Hoping in them she would find Grace
Endless cycles of what shadowed the light in her
pray for us sinners ” she muttered
-self condemnation

Daily she weighed
her word against her work
His love against his wrath
His word against her mind
– antagonistic

Daily she sought
Desperate prayers of a hungry soul
Seeking what lived in her
Searching what sought for her

Daily she longed
Daily she prayed
Daily she fought the devil
Forgetting the God in her

Happy New month 😍

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