Mwana wa mulungu Ni Mwana wa mukama 


Cherry lips, inch heels 

Mwana wa mulungu hits the streets 

Wondering if she will make a dollar 

for meal for her home she seeks

Beads of sweat 

Heavy heart, strained toes 

Her face drops 

No bystanders seems ready to fellowship with the commodity in question 

Her face stays concealed in her hair to avoid any relation 

Mwana wa mulungu is desperate 

Rent, food, fees

The cold seeping in freezes her barely concealed thighs 

Her eyes weary looking around for salvation 

Her tummy sings melodies of a hungry soul 

But just then heaven opens before her eyes 

Red sedan, white man, willing to offer wage for her standing 

Like a wind she dashes 

like a river following after its course

Says amen for the daily bread

Sedan packs outside church 

Mwana wa mulungu is confused 

Condemnation seeps in to her mind

Money is heaved into her hands 

“Come follow me I know you are weary but here you will find rest “he says 

Business unusual

Enters a place she once called home like a stranger from Rome

Faded cherry lips 

Soiled dress 

Mwana wa mulungu is on the floor. 

Wet face, red eyes, light heart. 

She pours it all out

Mwana wa mukama 

Ayina testimony

Walks to the alter 

Jesus is my Lord and savior 

Dance of freedom 

Mwana wa mulungu Ni Mwana wa mukama till death do them part

This poem was inspired by a friends poem. I wrote it sometime in 2015!! It’s really old but reading it feels like yesterday. 

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