Murdered in Cold-blood

I saw him before he died
The paleness in his eyelids spoke…
I could see the fear at the back of his pupil
Begging me to save his soul
Its like he knew of a way
A path I could journey him from the dead
I saw dead suffocate life out of him
Without mercy his skin was ripped of breath
The warmth in his soul gave way to a cold corpse
His fist was clenched tight
Like a man ready for battle
Like he wanted revenge for the years stolen
He wanted them to pay…for selling his life to the grave
The freezing in his bones spoke…
It told tales of a heart hardened to love
Of a man that cursed his existence in  a blood thirsty world
I could hear his blood oozing from the bullet wound
The redness in it was blackened against the tarmac
His body lay on the very earth he once called home

I saw him before he kissed us all goodbye
Time did not allow him any final words
But his lips moved….!!
Death placed a song of sorrow upon them
His body danced to a bitterness he had left a family to
I saw malevolence rise in his chest as they drove off
-those life thieves!!
-those assailants
I knew he had a lot to say
I could visualize him ask the creator to take back time
To turn the clock back to the start
Then maybe…..!!!
Maybe in his car he would stay
Maybe out of his home he wouldn’t drive
Maybe today he wouldn’t be deceased
Just maybe this would simply be a nightmare…

This is one of those poems you write after watching the news.
Its not very old sometime towards the end of 2016.

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