Teach me to be you

Teach me to see from above Where trees are reduced to lilies
That I may see myself as giant before them
That I may know the feel of greatness
Teach me to shut my heart to fear
The fear of what has no power to harm
Mould me in the image of bravery
That I may look upon me and be encouraged
Teach me to sing in the storm
To whine the larakaraka dance when my feet fail
Let me learn to not be moved by the noise in the air
Teach me to listen to only what can build and shut out all negativity
Like the dust let it crumble before me
Teach me to be strong
A pillar to be admired
A symbol of hope
That those that look upon me will be encouraged
Teach me to learn
Teach me to inspire
But above all teach me to be you


It had been ages since I shared from the archives.
I wrote this poem in my senior five 2014.
It’s one of those poems O write as a note to self.
But I want to give you a chance to interact with the persona maybe you will find something I have never seen.

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