River Flow


Flow oh river flow
Little springs that hug my eyes
Well out into gushing waterfalls
Let the rumbling of the ripples deafen my hearing
With the strength of your waters erode this blackness in my soul
Leave nothing behind your course
Flow oh river flow
Unravel the beauty of the sand beneath
Reveal the pearls hidden beneath
Drag all the silt on your path
And the weariness of this heart carry along

This was the third poem I wrote in my life.
I had a tendency of starting well and ending fwaaah.
But it’s just beautiful to read some of the things we wrote years ago (journals are good after all).
Anyway this is the last from my archives.
If there is something January has taught me it’s consistency. It doesn’t matter how many times you do something, or make someone smile, or write or do anything if your not consistent it may never add up.
Thank you my awesome consistent readers.
Happy New month
I love you all.

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