I also decided to continue this poetry chain(am wanting wanting) Kirabo ,Shanita andCynthia did the first ,second and third parts respectively.
You want to read them first.
This would be part 4


Dear Valentine
I only wish I could add emojis dancing to balmy days
but today it’s grey
The sun rose from the west and didn’t peer at my East side window
The wind is polluted with colognes of men in love
The clouds were painted red because Ken proposed to Lynn today
Umeme decided it’s a public holiday and we don’t need TV
Everything is amiss to say
My love- oh how I wish you were
The little letters I have written in my mind for you
The imaginary little dress I have worn to illusional dates
The signs I have put before you that you always overlooked
The little footnotes at I left at your table
The times I said the shirt looked good on you even when it was yellow
So much for love isn’t it?
I don’t want to be your good friend
Or sister or boo “with no strings attached”
Am tired of this-lets first get to know each other fairytale
Am not the one having a cocktail of feelings
Why should someone’s uncertainties rob me of life?
why should I be cardiac arrested for not having my feelings returned?
Am tired of endless flirts that end right after she walks in
These feelings that pop up every time I see you.
I am tired!!
I am surely tired of loving  unconditionally where love for me is a taboo
Happy valentines day
I hope you can find one that can love like I did