Church peoples part two #Ugblogweek

This chain was started by Ntwatwa Joel Nevender you can read part1 here.
It’s a very powerful piece so I thought “Why not challenge myself!.”
Here goes part2 .


Everyone placed their eyes on him; Kizito, Namazzi, Mugisha, Mirembe, Omara. His wife did not. She slowly got up, back into her seat, removed her Bible from her bag and stared into it.

Mr.Katuntu looked at his expectant congregation above his spectacles.
Before him was the flock that saw in him everything his wife never saw.
To them he was “the saviour” a form of Jesus manifested to the “gentiles” but to her he was a spiteful object of satire.
He had met her at a bar five years ago as he went about recruiting the “heathen” for the kingdom of God.
She was all he needed-the ice berg to his fast growing church.
After all the bible says “It’s not good for a man to be alone” he needed someone to lead the women and mostly to silence these rumours of him being seen with choir girls from church.
Mr Katuntu was a genius,what more would a man his age need from God -he was rich, anointed,popular and had a beautiful wife.
His message was simple and logical with no need for overrated spirituality to understand.
He didn’t ask his congregants to fast or do those hard things in the gospel like evangelism after all the grace is sufficient.
On a normal day he would ask all the members of MCEWIHCOL who gave the highest stack of dollars to greet the church :but today the young energetic pastor was as pale as death.

Mirembe was the first to notice.
She turned and whispered to the rest of the choir members who then turned their focus to the pastor’s wife.
“whatever is done in darkness shall be brought to light” she thought.
Mirembe had for long noticed the friction between the Katuntus and had shared with her sisters in the Lord this juicy gossip as a prayer point in Bible study.
They were all oblivious of what was amiss but one thing was for sure, it could not be their beloved pastor. He is the anointed man of God.
The sanctified of Christ that had welcomed a harlot into church.
So definitely It just had to be his vain wife.

Mrs Katuntu had fallen out with most of the “holy” brethren in church especially the choir judging by the many prayer requests that came in for her.
The other day someone had a dream of her burning in the gallows of hell.
The women’s fellowship members thought she was so full of her taste of superiority and her make up wasn’t pastor’s wifely.
The older men always invited her for prayer meetings which angered the mother’s union.
This cross and more she bore. Whenever her husband said
My beautiful wife has something to say to you all” she stood up and encouraged the brethren.
But today she looked at him in disbelief.
He had accused her of helping herself with a few dollars from the church treasury which she was to return after the month’s salary.
She stood up and waved to the brethren and then turned a cold stare to her husband.
This was what church was in these modern churches- circuses and endless jargons with no spiritual edification.

Even Kizito had noticed.
Thirty minutes into the sermon and he could swear the pastor hadn’t mentioned so much as “God is good.”
He was now wealthy,rubbing shoulders with aristocrats he had only seen in nightmares.
Here everyone respected him.
He even hosted the men’s fellowship at his mansion back home but something here didn’t feel like home.
Old habits die hard they say.
Maybe he was fixated to the old St Apollo Kivebulaya church service structure.
Maybe he just needed time to blend into the hip and hype.
His eyes wandered through the pews of sinless Christians ,then he locked eyes with Namazzi.

Namazzi had drifted from the sermon long before.
Today was her day as the pastor always said.
“Omukiisa gwo tegukuyita ko” he once said.
Today that phrase was becoming flesh. She couldn’t get her eyes off her manna from heaven.
The pastor was telling old wife’s tales over a scripture she had grown reciting in Sunday school so she decided to focus on her plan.
She was going to approach Kizito to join their home cell and also get his number to help with the coordination.
I will dump that languid fool immediately I have my prince,” she thought.

Mugisha or Mugy as she called him in the secret night outs was not a bad person.
He just didn’t have a wad of ten thousand notes for God and definitely not as much for her.
Blessed are the poor in Spirit , For theirs is the kingdom of heaven” He always consoled.
His gospel didn’t tickle her senses.
Oblivious of a heart break beckoning,Mugy was noting everything Mr Katuntu seemed to say. He hoped that one day this would come in handy when another branch of the church was needed.
Maybe then Namazzi would love him.
He would be the head pastor with a special chair and personal assistant of his liking.
Before the benediction sister Mirembe has a confession to make” the pastor said interrupting his ambitious thoughts.
This was the best part of the service- when people came clean of their evils.
Everyone, Mrs Katuntu, Namazzi,Kizito,Mr. Katuntu fixed their eyes on Mirembe who was making her way to the pulpit but Omara.

Omara felt his stomach churn.
This wasn’t happening.
He knew his gospel had failed.
Mirembe must have been jolted to sanity by one of her choir sisters.
But she said she believed Jesus had covered our sins”
The pastor was going to send him off the choir ,the whole congregation would know of their little affair.
His mind was blurred.
How was he going to handle this.
His reputation!……………… be continued.

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