Feminism and Womanhood


Today the world decided women should be given a day to be themselves.
One single day in 365.
I am caught betwixt, celebration or poisoning your joy with my pessimism but let me say happy women’s day.

I didn’t bother going into the history of how today became the day of the girl child or women as a whole.
But I wonder! Is today any different from mother’s day? Could it be because it’s international???
Sincere apologies I almost forgot why I started this post in the first place let’s rewind to the start.

Feminism and Womanhood
The male chauvinist will tell you feminism is anything that challenges the male ego and I know many of you will agree.
It’s sad when the mistakes or short comings of a movement become the logo that represents it.
When Feminist told us they wanted the girl child to be educated-we agreed.
When they sought affirmative action, many of you still agreed but when the woman decided she wanted to be an emancipated member of the society the world erupted.
Even women disagreed.
It was obvious that even as they sought equality ,reality haunted them.
The African culture had it’s demands of modesty and submission, motherhood has it’s demands of altruism, and society expected the woman to nuture the nation.
This is where feminism as a movement died and it’s vision was obscured.
Consequently anyone that wanted to carry the vision of this movement to the next generation had to pay a huge price.


This is the quagmire we were born into.
Our mothers were submissive women devoted to serving their husbands but when we went to school biology said we were superior.
We had a double functional XX.
On Sunday when we went to church the pastor also had something to say.
For anyone subject to such dilemma at a tender age it was hard to choose but again we wanted independence, freedom and power.
We grew into men in skirts and forgot the mambo jambo our mothers laboured to instill as good manners.
Womanhood died too but we walked around convincing ourselves that we were emancipated feminists.


We were females fighting for rights of women.
The twist of the story is hilarious.
So here we are 8th March 2017 fighting men to prove our worth.
Numerous pseudo feminists misrepresenting an entire movement that many paid a price for.
Preaching that the Bible should be edited everywhere God referred to humanity as men.
This is insanity isn’t it?

I am not acquainted with what you have come to understand as womanhood but I know the Bible calls the woman a suitable helper.
That was the sole purpose for their creation.
Interestingly though today the helper has developed a chronic dependency syndrome one that frustrates her true nature.
It’s patronizing!!.
We have looked for who to blame for this mishap.
Our fathers have blamed their wives, their wives have blamed the media, the media has blamed technology until the blame got to God.
We thought women were indescent because they wanted attention so we preached self worth but in vain.
Until we realised the root of the problem. It was in their understanding of feminism and womanhood.
To some it was a bucket of opportunities and to others a night mare they had learnt to live with.
We therefore realized that if we are to solve this, women needed to understand their position as suitable helpers.

The African man says “my words are finished .”
I will leave us pondering what feminism and womanhood really means to us.
Kindly share your opinions.
Otherwise happy women’s day.

P’s;Β  This post will be continued in the life series.


6 thoughts on “Feminism and Womanhood

    1. Its not women it’s so many factors put together!!
      So many
      Someone told me it’s a learning process they learn to unlearn

      And yes I have a few friends that are male feminists men actually make radical feminists πŸ˜…

      Otherwise thank you for reading

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I prefer the term Pseudo feminists because feminism in itself is a noble movement but we have a lot of people ouchea using it to satisfy their own alterior desires
      That’s why I started by mentioning how sad it is that a movement is only defined by its short comings
      I have had this conversation with a few friends
      How naturally society will get something entirely good and use it to satisfy it’s preconceived ideas of people
      For example how the line helper or submission in church is usually presented only when a woman wants to stand up against something she doesn’t believe is right

      I prefer this one though
      Yes the Bible says she is a helper.. Why don’t we use it also to tell women they are the source they are independent etc

      Otherwise thanks for reading 😊
      I hope to have this conversation again in a series later this year on the blog


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