Write me a book mum

Write me a book
That when am older I shall read
In that book share the pain in your heart
Teach me to dance to the midnight storm
Write down whatever you want me to know
Write me a chapter on how to not cry
To believe beyond the sea of catastrophe
To hope beyond the vision of my eyes
In your book teach me to walk, talk, dance like the strong woman you are
Let the pages whisper the harmonies of a better day
Let the flip remind me of your victories
Write me a book mum,
One that my daughter will live by when am long gone
And my son will give his wife
Write your story
That I may not fall captive to the snares of this world
That even when I slip I shall rise That I will keep my head above the deep waters of anguish
Write me a book
That I may pattern my life after yours 🙈

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