Be YOu!!!

Be you -the world will adjust “


Hello bloggren!!! 
You remember those small notes I mentioned to keep sliding in.. 
Well here goes another 
Today we are waging war against everything that has set out to change our identify. 
Here at tales of a curious mind we believe our differences make us beautiful. We believe in diversity. 
This small piece is just about that.. 
Here goes!!


She is a book
One whose pages we have folded to our liking
Pluck out 
Shaping it to fit the readers mind
-all to publish the perfect piece
Afraid to identify with the flaws;
We have cropped out the scars at the center 
Erased the dirty marks on her cover
-Let there be light-
The brown tattered rags now a shimmering white
Our Cover Girl!! 
She is an open book misjudged by her cover
An impostor!! 
She is no Angel 
White washed tombstone 
She’s not the sunshine that ushers the warmth of dawn
She is cold inside.. 
A starless winter
A lonely spring night 
The melanin in her soul wars against the white flesh
Her heritage strives to reopen the closed chapters, the edited verses
Her body seeks to burst out 
-prison break
Her dead soul seeks resurrection 
We crucified her and said Hakuna matata 
Said we loved her clone 
“You were always beautiful after all”
The jokes about beauty behind a beast 
She rested in pieces
Each changing with the edition
Tomorrow is a “brighter” day
-Always striving for the virtual light at the end of a bottomless tunnel 
She is a book
-best seller to say 
Pluck out
Her pages blank
we erased her story

2Corinthians 3: 5  Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God,

Thank you for reading as always!! My sincere apologies regarding this Tuesday’s guest blogger on The Life Series I got a little caught up. 
Next week we will feature a short story on weakness and strength from a guest blogger. 
Brace yourselves fam.

Otherwise I hope we are all shining as the greater conquerors we agreed to be this month. In fact if you don’t mind share with us what you have conquered so far.

Bellows of Love. 
©Tales of a curious mind

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