Don’t say it- HUSH!!!

On 30th July this awesome blog will celebrate one year of existence!!!
Yes we are awesome because it’s what you have made us, my ardent readers…..I am forever humbled
Am all hyped..  If your not you might not well understand the hysterical excitement.
Which is sad… I wish I could translate what I feel into words but I will try… I will. For now here is something I wrote.


Don’t speak too loud
Whisper in the streets
Paint it with the agony in your chest
But never ever look angry on camera
Never wash your unhappy face in public
How dare you let them know
How dare you speak out
Just how
Silence is noble my child
Don’t rush to share your mind
What if they perceive it differently
Quote you out of context
Trash your ideas as complex
What if you say the things they don’t want to hear
Cause a tear
Provoke fear
My child hush –
Don’t say it
Save it in memory as future refuse
Recycle it in your head
Let it torment you from within
Let the lava boil in your chest
But don’t spit
No one wants such “bad” etiquette spewed in public
Like a rhyme replay this
When you feel your rights were violated
Or your temperature has been elevated
Let your silence be confused for endorsement
It’s too expensive to speak
Rather die than suffer resentment
Hush my child
For to hush is life
The silver in speech kills like a knife
Preserve your words for your dreams
Bare the heat in your month
But never
Never say your not happy
Pretend my child
Never ever be yourself


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
~Martin Luther King Jr

Let me know what you think

Bellows of love

©Tales of a curious mind

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