The future of Story telling #UgBlogweek Day3

Hey Hey!!!
Its #Ugblogweek people.
When I read the theme for this month’s Ugblogweek, a cold shiver gripped my spine. For some reason I was afraid- afraid some of our stories will not stand the test of time enough to make it to the future.
I was reminded of stories in which hare was the villain, the wisest of them all. He was always making animals pay for sins he had committed and yet we loved him. If this tale was told by your grandmother, you know one thing is true, you had to refrain from asking questions like – how come animals no longer speak to us today or why is hare in every animal story. In fact there was no room for doubt. You had to believe every story as the teller remembered it.
Then came the tales of Idd Amin, Obote and H.E Museveni. My grandmother said Museveni won because of diversity. He became anything as circumstance demanded, from tablet to toothbrush, to the very hair on your head. No one was safe, you couldn’t slander him in fear that the plate before you would turn and slap you.


Times have changed since then. You can’t tell lies and prosper. With time many of us have learnt how to read and write and consequently it’s impossible for a single story to be taken as the ultimate truth. This in itself was a stepping stone towards the future. Hare stories became bedtime stories, then slowly their importance diminished. It was easier to relate to holy Moses and king kong, or kosiya kifefe. Our fantasies were colonized by Sidney Sheldon, Babra Catlan, Jeffrey Archer and the likes. But as we grew older, we sought for something more relatable, something other than sipping cappuccino and going on vacations to the Bahamas. That’s where African literature crept in. The beautiful girls in these books did not have blonde hair and patrician noses. The handsome men looked like our brothers. For many of us this was the genesis of the future because stories don’t make sense until you feel drawn in by the writer. For many this brought to our realization that writing was not a “white man’s” thing but a hobby or profession anyone can delve into.
As the platforms for expression increased, more writers emerged. As goes the saying “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” Blogs, social media etc are the doors that bring together stories of people far and near. We write about everything today. Anyone and everyone is a writer, either writing their stories or documenting their communities. Poets and singers give life to these stories in their work. I am tempted to say this is the future or may be it isn’t who knows?
Am only afraid as I said that maybe our stories will not see tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will have no story to tell because we will be grandmothers that spent more time reading people’s stories than writing ours. Maybe whatever we write today will shape our narrative tomorrow. Just maybe.


Any who it’s #Ugblogweek and as you may have noticed am not very conversant with the theme but see me creating a door where opportunity hasn’t knocked. I believe that is what the future will look like.

I would love to hear your views on the theme;
What is your vision of the future of story telling?

Otherwise I hope we are all well
Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

10 thoughts on “The future of Story telling #UgBlogweek Day3

  1. Wow, happy blog week, I never knew you are Ugandan! ☺ about the saying “..if opportunity doesn’t knock.. ” I’ve never heard of it 😂 😂 but I love it! I think if we build our doors aligned to opportunities she will knock, she has to

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    1. It’s a quote by Milton Berle. It actually exists!!
      Yes I am Ugandan 🙂

      I love what you shared about building doors aligned to opportunity, more like taking advantage if all opportunity.. Yes?
      Thank you Kelly otherwise for reading 🙂 hope your well

      Liked by 1 person

  2. …spent more time reading people’s stories than writing ours….

    I worry that I wont ever find the perfect moment to tell my story…….. forever waiting
    The Future starts today.♥♥♥


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    1. Are you serious??
      Not anymore though
      Simply follow Uganda blogging community or on twitter @ugbloc the information is usually put out there!!!

      Plus it’s a beautiful place to belong 😅
      Thank you for reading otherwise


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