Depression Series 2 #POETRY


In a world
Where depression is synonymous with evil spirits
Where many flee from your aura because they are afraid they will catch your “bad luck ”
They are too scared
Too afraid to breath in the negative air that engulfs your presence
Worried your vice may be contagious
That the nothingness you feel will spread

In a culture
Where people that shut out the world
lock their tears behind fortresses of strength are considered heroes
Where everyone is mimicking Superman
There is no room for weakness
No room to let the darkness in you glow
No safe place to place your crumbled pieces
No pillow to cast the weariness in your soul
People will say you have embraced the demons of the “white man”
Because its not African to drown in a despair you don’t understand
It’s not Black to feel like your soul was sore
To have wounds from bullets that only exist in your mind
They will link your constant need for solitude to a curse
The people you love will flee from your side
Or you will ask them to
They will give you space to save yourself from your ocean of sadness


You will drown
That even as you reach out you will only gravitate back to the blues of your sea
Your monsters will drag your heart along the rocky terrain
As you struggle to free yourself
As you stand strong against the winds crashing on your side
You will hurt
Your feet will bleed
You will want to give up
Your heart will speak through tears
You will be provoked to give in
To let go of the ray of hope you look to
You will be tempted to think the world has no face because it’s back is all you have seen

Light at the end of the tunnel

Or may be
Maybe you will believe
Maybe the still voice within will remind you that You Matter
That your oceans are seas meant to be parted
That the rocks that grazed your heart could not break your spirit
That the mountains you tried to climb are hills meant to be moved
Maybe you will dance
You will twist your waist to the tune of every painful word that re-echoed in your head
You will write poetry about the demons that only came to bow at your feet
Maybe you will rise
You will teach many that ruins can be rebuilt, monsters can be subdued, blessings can subdue curses, nothingness can birth something
And there
There you will realize
You were never weak
But rather
for too long

This post was inspired by some African opinions about mental health. For too long people have battled depression silently for the fear of being judged as outcasts. Countless others have been labeled moody, introvert etc because it is better than being depressed. We have taught people that weakness is a taboo, a forbidden fruit they should never eat of. But like I said our first step to healing is acknowledging that it is OK to be weak, to feel low, to feel nothing and then looking to the help. That’s my message throughout these series.

Our next post on this depression series is from a guest blogger and explores depression and how to overcome from a biblical perspective. I am personally excited!!!!
If you want to share with us anything in line with this feel free to email me at

2Corinthians12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Otherwise how is everyone here? Please feel free to share with us how you are in the comments section.

Bellows of Love 💜
©Tales of a Curious mind

37 thoughts on “Depression Series 2 #POETRY

  1. Fiona, beautifully expressed. Depression is the norm not the exception, any of us can feel hopeless. Therefore, connecting and really seeing each other as broken and need opens the opportunity for healing. Thank you for offering hope through written word.

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  2. This is so true! as if battling depression isnt enough the isolation and stigma make it even worse. just when we need the world to care most they decide to discard us.
    I have a few dark poems about depression (since i have been fighting it all my life)
    If you wish to read go to

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    1. The stigma that surrounds depression and anxiety is patronizing

      I think mostly because of how it has been presented
      But here is to better days
      Here is to awareness that will create a more conducive environment for healing and diagnosis

      Oh boy!!
      How I believe in the brightness of the future

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  3. Your blog is beautiful. It speaks to the heart ❤️Also, I started a blog which features and promotes writers from all over the globe hoping that people could connect through it . I would love to feature your work there. Credits will be given of course. Would love to hear your response. Thanks. Sending you love ❤️

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  4. Beautiful. And I relate to the struggle… myself, and talking to others who struggle because their parents will only tell them to be strong. I think the worst for me was not fully grieving for my grandfather when he died because I had to be strong for everyone else. It’s not healthy and needs to be addressed…

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    1. Here is to openness to vulnerability…
      That whole thing about being strong is the worst lie because the time you break down after that you leave so many pieces of you crumbled.
      I look forward to a time when we can give people space to be themselves without feeling judged

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