Depression series 4 : Stop GBV

Hello Talees! (Yes for Lack of a better word..please allow me). It’s only been a minute but how I missed here.
How is everyone? And for the record none of the questions on this blogland is rhetorical. This girl seeks to hear from you.


This post is inspired by #16DaysOfActivism against Gender Based Violence that ended only recently. I would love to second someone on a certain platform who said 16 days was not enough by sliding in my voice.
Yes!! we have chosen to use of vocal cords and thumbs for the greater good by speaking out on the things that matter and adding to the solution


He loved soccer 
And when the euphoria that came with the match left 
He still wanted to “play”
He found himself kicking at her –
A ball he chose out of many-
Sealed with a ring of “Blue black” bruises
a rainbow lined with silver clouds of blood
At least that’s what he saw
A horse of a woman
Whose duty was to offer her soul daily on an alter of the demon that sucked life out of her soul
Her skin marred by scars
Each telling a story of pain
A loneliness in a full house
A home for the children she endured these clenched fists for.
Sticks and stones break bones -they say
But who knew
That lips spewing hate could crash souls
Rip hearts out  of chest holes
Because Some days
He never touched her
Only spoke death in form of words that suffocated life out of her
His words like daggers tore the only thing she lived for
Hope that tomorrow will be a milky day
White like the dress she wore when she said
“I do”
“I do”
“I do”
The two words that earned her a death sentence
Yet these things he said
These things he did
Thinned out the hope her being weighed against

She was tired of being confused for an animal
She only wanted to be human
For her daughters to believe in a world of love
But now
she raised them to have titanium coated hearts
To shield their tender behind fortresses of iron
To protect themselves from a world that only saw them as prey
Little meats for the devourer
Little pieces of flesh
A world that was colour blind to the different shades of their humanity
She raised her daughters to be fearless, ruthless
With bodies laced with thorn
Hands clenched so they won’t hold on too long
Won’t get too attached
covered in a shadow too skeptical to let the glitter of love through
She raised them to live
This was the only way to live
After all
was a gift
too costly for them to afford




Do share your thoughts on Gender Based Violence. What approach do you think is both feasible to achieve and effective in stopping Gender based violence?

Bellows of Love
©Tales of a Curious mind

14 thoughts on “Depression series 4 : Stop GBV

  1. Sadly, violence is a result of conditioning. Hurt people hurt people. I don’t know if anyone .. can’t finish that thought though. I am not sure I can even call it GBV…that term is so NGO-ish. It’s a broken world. From a broad view it needs one thing, love and love from a young age…I guess finding an organisational solution is not something I can suggest because I really don’t know… but personally to myself and anyone else, violence is a violation of trust, especially when it happens in the home. May love and trust rule.

    Yeah, maybe this is not really a solution…an NGO-ish solution.

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    1. Wow!!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      I think calling it GBV is because it affects a certain gender more much as the causes are vast.

      But like you said let love and trust rule…

      Thank you for reading and sharing 😊


  2. Hi Fiona,
    Thank you for sharing this tale…
    GBV is so widely practiced in Uganda. I am a witness. My Aunt with whom i grew up with experienced this. Today, she doesn’t have one of her front tooth. It is sad.. As children in the house, we con’t talk whenever our uncle was being rude and trying to express is powers. So absurd.
    Anyhow, the first approach to eradicate this is through sensitization and educating both genders. This will create more of self respect.
    Second is to have couples agreeing to stay together not because of circumstances or recommendations by our relatives. Its so much in African families.
    Bytheway, your writing about this topic is another good solutions since you give us a platform to use our ideas too.
    Thank you

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    1. Hi Hamza
      Thank you for sharing your cents with us.
      I could relate on the issue of silence. My aunt once told me that women that persevere are the ones that make it in marriage.
      In this she gave the idea that men were like that spoilt child who should be given candy for not doing wrong.
      Society expects too much from the woman and too little from the man.
      Sex education teaches women to be wives to men that are not husbands.
      I guess this is where sensitization comes in

      Your thoughts provocked many thoughts in this head

      Thanks for reading and sharing


  3. Your poem is really gut-wrenching and true and pure to its core. Gender-based violence is still very much prevalent in our society.It really brought out in front of my eyes. You really have a great gift for playing with words.

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    1. Wow!!!
      Thank you for this complement.
      Means a lot and for taking off time to read here
      Gender based violence is wrong and we need to show how wrong it is to those that don’t see the point in all this activism.
      I pray this in a way contributes to stopping GBV
      I really do…

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  4. Reblogged this on Megha's World and commented:
    Reblogging this strong piece of poetry from a fellow blogger lakerfoina. This post is in one of the series of #16DaysOfActivism against Gender-Based Violence.Visit her site to know more about her contribution to this evil in the society.

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  5. OUCH! it hurts to even read… i mean the story. the poem couldnt be more beautiful. i see ppl always going for positive poems bt i write negative to the point of dark. u mite be one of the few who would appreciate them.

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    1. Some days I love to paint the pain as raw as it is
      Other days I do sarcasm
      In this bit to not stay silent on the things that matter

      Thank you for reading 💜
      I am definitely going to check out your blog and bask there

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