December Recap : Lessons from 2017

Bonjour meine Dammen und Herren.
Happy New year my beautiful people. I bring you greetings from 2017 ,she is in deep miss of all you amazing folk.
Wow.. It is 2018.


The initial plan before delving into this monthly recap was to wail procrastination and all these excuses piled in my mental space as to why our monthly recap comes one week late. But no… This year round I have chosen not to beat myself up over anything. Does that not sound impractical? Well I also thought so, I feared that this might breed complacency but again I realised that going on about what should or could have been done has never changed anything. My dear bloggren here is my plea, be kind to yourself.

Before we dive into this ocean that December has been, I recommend that we all get time some day or now (wink wink) and read through our recaps throughout last year, the lessons in there will not leave you in one piece believe you me.
Like the rest of 2017 ,December for us here at Tales of a Curious mind has been Summer. I want to thank all the beautiful people that joined the family tree and the amazing others that have seen us through this 365 day journey. There is nothing as humbling as you taking off time to read here and above all leaving those breathe taking comments. The thought of it alone leaves me red with Joy. Thank you so much. I have great plans for us here this year, great great plans.

Like I mentioned last month was hot, with some days days fairing hotter than others. The thing about heat is that its only good at hot or warm especially if you are not a thermophile. In December such changing temperature taught me how to be a chameleon, how to adjust quickly to circumstance. To adjust here is not against our tagline “Be you the world will adjust” ,it’s the kind that prompts you to take in lessons fast, to grow, moult, move, faster than the prevailing conditions.
My greatest lesson was a whole school that prepared me for 2018. I noticed that all my lessons throughout 2017 were the kind that shaped how I related with people, December on the other hand was different. I began to recognize how militant I was to myself on certain days. That in an attempt to live better with people or deliver on my goals I put aside kindness and patience toward me. I had also failed to believe it but each day has made it more clear. I have come to learn that growth is very similar to moving on, you need to allow yourself to experience all the phases, to feel all the emotions that come with it and above all to be very patient with yourself. It’s all a learning process, personally I am still having my mind schooled.

Still on December, I was not about to forget the festivities. How can a month have so much food and party. My favorite thing about festivity is the food and how it draws people together. How was Christmas? How did you spend your new year’s eve?
Christmas found me somewhere in the heart of Northern Uganda. As for New year’s eve oh boy!!!
Happy New year people.


Last month we also had a post off the depression series on Gender Based violence, I will not go on about how I enjoyed painting my thoughts on paper, simply peep and leave a thought -let us learn from each other.
In fact before I say my good byes, I feel the need to shed some light on the Life series that started featuring here last year and will continue here again this year.
I started writing this particular series as a way of connecting with my readers and the people around me. Some of the lessons I have shared are personal, some are lessons I pick as I interact with people, others are views I carry on the things in society. Basically the life series is a place where we all put aside what we know and learn. Last year saw us do smaller series under it on friendships, depression, weakness and strength etcetera. This year round great things are cooking in this kitchen of creativity. We are also going to have very many changes here and there.

In case you want to be featured here, to give ideas on how to beautify this place or simply talk please email me at


In this year take over, Grow, Learn, love, topowa (keep on keeping on). You are loved.

Bellows of Love 💜

ยฉTales of A Curious Mind


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