January Recap : What they don’t tell you about New Beginnings

In my Country (read Uganda) we happen to be very excited people. We will tell you happy new year for every time we see you until around April. Allow me silence my break or break my silence with this… Happy New year bloggren.


It’s been a while since I wrote a monthly recap blog post this early (that is the positive side of the story), it has also been a while since I penned anything here at all.
January for me came like a sharp cold breeze that sometimes left my fingers too numb to write. It resembled days when the heavens release a flood without informing the sun to hide. In cool writer circles it is called a writer’s block. I found my hands staring at blank paper for hours without being able to move the pen. Some days I would try to put together a poem and the best I’d get was a nursery rhyme. In fact I tried writing a short story and somehow I mixed up all the Characters (sigh). For some one like me it was definitely a hard time to live. Because writing is this place I crawl to to scream, make noise , dance and stalk the characters in my head. Not being able to do all that wasn’t the coolest thing to happen. The good news is we broke out of that little prison. The magic all along was to keep writing anyway and occasionally take off time to warm the numb fingers.

Also in Uganda (probably in the world at large) there is this talk that usually goes on about how pockets develop holes in January. Apparently people’s moneys are overdue spent in the December festivity and so the new year leaves most of them wishing for end of month to get salary. I am not here to endorse this “theory” but I picked a few lessons from it. If we well know that January is a dry month I’d think it wise to probably save for it and cut down on the December expenditure. Also just in case your hype won’t let you tone down the celebrations then you need to evolve into a narrow spender in January.


Throughout January I kept landing on lessons that shaped some of my new year resolutions or plans. In one of the lessons I landed so hard that I broke one of my preconceived childhood ideologies. In our first blog post this year I mentioned that this year was about multiplying our kindness to self. We live in a society that is governed by stereotypes and expectations (not in the literal sense though) so consequently as we grow up some of us are taught to fit in them in order to be accepted. It is easy for someone that is the norm but if you are in my camp of extremes it means you will have to tone down so much of yourself to be accepted. You will have to pretend to be a thing you never were and constantly beat yourself up for feeling, thinking,Β  behaving like you do. January kept reminding me of contentment. Yes.. I remember warning y’all that some of our lessons will sound impractical and unrealistic. I mean why would someone be content with mediocrity or those so many negative traits. It is very easy for us to focus so much on our future goals that we forget to celebrate the present victories. I have often been tempted to and yes eventually I would achieve these things I sought after. The difference is as long as I was still seeking them I felt a certain void that I assumed only getting to my finish line could satisfy.
Being content for me means more of choosing to celebrate yourself for who you are and whatever you have achieved in the now. It is counting your flaws and loving yourself irrespective of how visible they are, more like how God loves us. That much as he seeks that all sinners be brought to a perfection in him he loves them from the point where they are least deserving throughout the process.

February is here. In Uganda it started on a sad note, the beginning of the end of a musical legend. I don’t think I will ever become accustomed to the concept of death. Much as the human being was designed to die one day, it has never been an easy thing to give up a soul to death. RIP

This month round I am hoping to write some love poetry and posts that will feature on my social media pages
Twitter : @fioneezy
Instagram :Β  @fionade_laker
Facebook : Fionade Laker

Do you think celebrating Valentine’s Day is cliche?
What are your expectations this year round

Do leave a thought

Bellows of love
Β©Tales of a curious mind


9 thoughts on “January Recap : What they don’t tell you about New Beginnings

    1. Firstly thank you for reading here and sharing a thought *grins*

      I beg to understand though what in this case would be the pure intentions

      I am just thinking can’t we have public display of affection on another day or all year

      What is this fuss about Valentine’s

      I think I didn’t phrase the question well enough before 😊


  1. I certainly think celebrating valentines day is cliche!

    In as much as I think the idea around valentine’s is a genuine cause to celebrate love shared among people in relationships and marriage but I personally think the idea is over stated, love must be acknowledged and celebrated every-day so for there to be an assigned day for couples to be extra romantic to their partners for me is too cliche. I can understand and support the idea of valentine’s if it was centered more on remembering saint valentine and his cause… Or perhaps that’s always been the idea and it’s just been exaggerated over the years. Oh well, happy month of love πŸ’žπŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chama…
      My dance when I saw this comment… LolπŸ˜‚
      Thank you for passing by…

      Those were my exact thoughts then someone asked why we celebrate Birthdays and independence days and Christmas and anniversaries πŸ˜‚

      Apparently some days are naturally more important than others and Valentine’s Day gives couples a day to deliberately celebrate each other


    1. Hearing you put it that way is like sunshine in my soul
      If only we can all learn contentment
      If only….. πŸ’œ

      Thank you Ms Siphosetu for reading by…
      I’ll build you a cottage here for each time you visit 😊


    1. This whole celebration thing is life!!!
      Appreciation breeds contentment ❀

      Thank you for sending me those power bolts…. I am sending the same your way
      Thanks. For reading


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