LEGACY -How do you want to be remembered #UgBlogWeek

Hello beautiful people, how do you do. I know dropping this blog post is like showing up for a party after your RSVP says you couldn’t make it.
It is #UgblogWeek guys and Ugandan Bloggers are dissecting the theme “Off the record legacies” the good people of Ugbloc left a few guidelines here for anyone interested in writing.

Personally I have been at war with myself. My mind has been both the battlefield and the ammunition. I even told someone I wouldn’t write on this theme because it has too much “Luzungu” just so I could excuse my complacency. But here we are and so let’s get on with this.


Before writing this post I “Googled” the word Legacy and to my dismay non of the results represented my idea of a legacy. It almost felt like I had misunderstood the term for all too long (the Queen’s language is confusing like that) and so I decided to scribble my thoughts.

The concept of building a legacy has for long been ascribed to the popular, the affluent, the talented. Rarely is it associated with the “omuntu wa wansi” and those only known by a handful of people in their circles.
Legacies are viewed as burdens that those in the lime light are bound to carry and the less known people feel freed from these shackles.

It is a public secret that every celebrity has to live their lives circumspectly. They are quick to apologize, to help, to speak out on injustice etc. Many a time this isn’t propelled by their love for people but rather the need to keep a job or maintain an image they have created for themselves.
The latter isn’t really the gist of the matter but I would that you imagine with me a life where the cameras captured your every move. More like how God watches us in his omnipresence. Would you live like you are living today, would your life be different if every aspect of it were broadcasted?

I found my mind scampering to those questions when I thought about the theme “off the record legacies”
If people were to dig out everything about you and display it or talk about you, would you sit down and look at your life with pride.
Do I sound like a school matron exerting pressure on your young self with all that talk about everything the world isn’t? I hope not. I wouldn’t that you live your life perfectly and yet live in fear
Somewhere the Bible says 1John4: 18  There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

Which brings me to my next point. Be yourself. If you have lived on this blogosphere long enough you are probably tired of the never ending plea to be yourself. But allow me re-echo it. I read a quote on twitter the other day that said
“In a world where everyone is wearing a mask it is a privilege to see a soul”

Often times people have created an ideal of what a legacy worth being jotted in history should look like. And because of that many people create legacies they are not one with. They speak out on issues they are not interested in with enthusiasm simply because it is “noble” or popular to support a certain ideology. And most of them end up popular, loved and yet very frustrated. Be you, the world will adjust.


The other day I  attended church and they were talking about how “The end of a matter is more important than its beginning”
There is a scripture that talks about not drawing back to perdition but believing to the end (paraphrased)
I made it a point to talk about being yourself before coming to this one because you can never burn out being yourself. It’s only when we pretend to be who we are not that we eventually get frustrated and fall off the path. Be intentional about the things you want to be remembered for but in all thy doing only be your best self. Don’t try to walk another person’s path or you are bound to fall in the lines of frustration.
It is one thing to be wise, smart etc but it’s a whole other thing to be one with the things you profess or claim to stand for. Be true to yourself.


I have also realized that legacies are more about what you leave in people rather than what you leave to them. It’s your ability to remain relevant even in death that counts. That the things you do provoke others to want to be better versions of themselves.
What are you intentionally doing in your small circle that you would be proud of if anyone replicated. I keep telling people that Kindness is a super power. When you are kind to someone you leave them indebted to the next person that might need an act of kindness.
What seeds are you sowing in your life or community that will sprout to birth your legacy?
That’s something for personal introspection.

I believe that we have the power to choose how we are remembered by being intentional about the things we do. I am not implying that you cannot unconsciously create a legacy but rather I believe that if you are intentional then you have the power to shape what your legacy looks like.

Personally, I am out hear being deliberate about my choices and growing into the person that I am.

Thank you guys for reading.
My sincere apologies for going M.I.A
Otherwise I hope we are all doing well.

What are your thoughts on the theme “Off the record Legacies”
Do share with me in the comment section.

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Before I forget The Nevender Legacy will be launching Pumpkin soup and Remembering Joel Benjamin Nevender at Writivism festival tomorrow


Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

11 thoughts on “LEGACY -How do you want to be remembered #UgBlogWeek

  1. I absolutely loved this post, as a matter of fact, it’s sort of in the lines of what my Sunday Thought will be about. What resonated with me most about this post was this statement “legacies are more about what you leave in people rather than what you leave to them” I think in life we’re so focused on what we’re going to leave someone physically, we forget about what impressions we’re leaving on the “mentally” – in which what counts most. I would pray that I would leave an inspirational legacy that will help people to see themselves as God sees them and make the most out of this life, despite their mistakes – get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. Great “thought-provoking” Post Lakerfiona!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My heart after reading this 😭💛
      Thank you Roshonda
      I am reminded of something I read on another blog post
      That people will never forget how you made them feel so it’s important for us to sow seeds of love in people’s lives 🙏

      Also amen and Amen to that legacy you are building
      I am Here for it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You my girl! Check out today’s post on the blog, I used that phrase and gave you a shout out. I really love your thoughts and what you’re doing as well to make us really think about how we’re living our lives. Keep shining love. xoxo


  2. This is such a beautiful yet very deep post….lots of food for thought to feed on. Thank you!
    Highlight: “What seeds are you sowing in your life or community that will sprout to birth your legacy?”… Got me thinking, yoooooo! #SeeMyLife but you is a legend for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Legacy. A powerful word. In different places with different meaning. I believe, we are what we leave behind. I raised four children and I have three grandchildren. They are strong and healthy. We must do what we can. I believe, hardest lesson we shall learn. Can’t save a world that don’t want to be save. We must do what we can. Always a pleasure to read your words and thoughts. I hope you are doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for these thoughts
      Kudos on how intentional you are raising your family.
      I’d love to read a detailed post on how you have done it, honestly.
      Maybe a few pointers for those looking to walk that path.

      Also I agree with you when you said we can’t change a world we don’t want to save.
      Applies on every aspect of our lives.
      As long as we are not intentional we can’t have the exact kind of results we want

      Other wise I am well, I hope you are too
      Thank you for always leaving a thought 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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