Hard Knock Lessons from 2018:

“Even if we didn’t end up winning, we were making progress that mattered .”

~Michelle Obama (Becoming)

What comes to mind when you think of growth. In my mind it is a big elephant that drags you by the trunk, you are not sure she’ll leave you alive and yet you can’t untangle from her grip. 2018 felt like growth. In metamorphosis you could say I was a pupa in a cocoon blooming into a butterfly. I shared my journey growing each month in the subsequent monthly recap blog posts that you can delve into here.

looking back to how far we’ve come

That said shall we move on to the hard knock lessons I picked from each experience?

1.Be kind to yourself

I started this year with this as a tagline. I was determined to bask in all the kindness and love that mattered because you can’t pour from an empty cup!. In being kind to myself I learnt to choose myself and celebrate every aspect of my life. I deliberately read books and hang around people that supported my bloom.

2. God stays Goding

God always did /does that superhero thing where he always shows up!. This has been my mood all year. Even when I hit the rocks, in there I found the goodness of God.

3. Sometimes there is love in leaving -Upile Chisela

Sharing this because Upile is such a queen. I got to read Soft magic and nectar and I must admit the mind from which she writes is an undeniably beautiful one. This particular quote taught me to walk out of friendships that feel like drowning. You can barely feel your lungs and all the water seeks is to take your breath away.

4. Rest

This was the craziest lesson I learnt. I had days of simply sitting and meditating on Hebrews 4:3 “For we who have believed do enter the rest.” Resting is definitely easier said than done. I remember before I’d confess those lines while having an adrenaline rush 😂. But as I meditated in the light of the word I gradually became more and more persuaded of this truth.

5. Authenticity over Popularity

I shared this in my monthly recap blog post. In this era of social media this has been hard paper. I have seen people mock and abuse others for the sake of likes ,retweets and follows. It is definitely harder to remain true to yourself. But like I always say “Be you, the world will adjust. ”

6. Connect with your tribe

2018 was also the time to breathe life into friendships that, like a hair pin, continue to support you. God has blessed me with support systems that continue to show up every damn time and in 2018 I had to learn to do the same. I learnt to be more intentional about connecting with my tribe and make plans every time I am around. How do y’all stay connected with the friends you see once in ages?

7. Be Light

Sunrise in Parabongo -Amuru District

This had to be somewhere up there. “A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid – be light.” I am always conscious of the kind of content I create and what I share because as light to the world we carry purpose. In my head there is someone waiting to read or listen to whatever has been placed upon my heart and so I am intentional about putting it out there. After all we are blessed that we may be a blessing.

8. simply start

There is this pressure out there that demands a certain level of perfection. For example it took me forever to start blogging because of the throng of insecurities that was hanging by my neck. I was so conscious of what people would say and whether or not I’d actually get read. But like Nelson Mandela said “It always seems impossible until it is done.” This year I finally partnered with my first two brands and shared the blog post here. I have also decided to take the advice from one of my support systems to work more with brands and try out digital marketing. So if you know any small brands that would love to be featured on the gram, twitter or on here do hit me up fionalaker6991@gmail.com😊

9. Topowa – Don’t give up now

I have had many days this year where giving up seemed like the easier way out. I mean I was tirrrreeeed! I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do after giving up. I just wanted to. You know that thing where life comes at you so hard and you are not even sure anyone will understand so you just bottle it all up?….yes. But if it’s anything God and the friends that constantly showed up and encouraged me and just laughed taught me, it’s that I hadn’t come that far simply to come that far. That God had not brought me that far simply to leave me.

10. Procrastination / Absenteeism

I put this here because I didn’t want y’all rolling eyes at me as you read through. I have never been so embarrassed. Usually I’d give excuses of how medical school won’t let me prosper but today I won’t. Being absent from the blog was intentional. I needed time to recollect myself and the purpose for writing this blog in the first place. I needed to simply breathe , we all do sometimes. It’s one of the things being kind to myself has taught me. That sometimes it’s OK to reject even the best opportunities if you don’t feel at peace with them. But the good news is that the procrastination break is long over due and here we are doing the damn work!.

This being the last day of 2018 allow me say Happy New year and special shout outs to you my beautiful people for reading on here and sharing my work. I am forever humbled.

Also feel free to share with me the lessons that stood out for you this year

Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious Mind 🤗

5 thoughts on “Hard Knock Lessons from 2018:

  1. Great, great post. So much of what you said connected with me. One thing that I learned in 2018 was it is okay to have a bad day. Like sometimes after a bad day, you can end up feeling so down and disappointed in yourself and just wallow in self pity, sometimes you just need to get up the next day (God spare life), with a new attitude, dust yourself off and start anew.

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