Let’s talk about Love

Are you a chronic procrastinator? You know- the kind that procrastinates stopping procrastination. If yes – then I have been you for all too long.

This procrastination break is sponsored by #Ugblogweek. Uganda Blogging Community has us dancing to Cupids arrows and I wasn’t about to let them pass me by. (My vigilance will make me prosper).

So here’s a piece I wrote some time back that I find timely for this conversation.

What is love if you feel empty with it
If your soul starves in a garden blossoming with fruit
If it is the desert wind
Peeling at your lips
If it only reminds you of places you regret living in
Rewind Rewind
Like an old cassette playing the latest jams

What is love that never loves you back
That shows face
Only to stab you in the back
Once ,twice
Always deeper
Isn’t a lover supposed to be a keeper

Where is love when the sun refuses to shine
And the moon won’t keep you warm
When the cold seeps through the cracks in your skin
And you detest the air you breath in
Where is love
When your head seeks a heart to rest on
And your mind wanders in places she isn’t wanted

Love is meant to be a safe haven you run to
A spring that waters your soul
A place your mind finds rest
A shelter for the thoughts that race in your heart
A pillow to harness all the energy in your bones
Love is not meant to reduce you
Love is meant to be Home


There’s this thing I like to say that “If it leaves you empty it is not love.”

I have had many people disagree on this but I for one believe love in itself comes with a fullness. Whether it is love for self or love for others.

But hey these are only my thoughts

If this post hits some place close to home ,feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading here

That said I hope you are doing well.

featured image was sourced from Pinterest

Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Love

  1. Ugh I can say with all honesty that the person I loved NEVER loved me back. I felt so empty and shitty because it was worse than having nothing. He is still a selfish SOB and I know he never loved me. He spent the past few years telling me and showing me how he values OTHER women and wants other women. He has made me feel like nothing, less than nothing and he never said one nice thing about me. It certainly wasn’t love. I loved and he didn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And to think it happens a lot. Loving people that only want to take take and take.

      I don’t think love is a thing we need to break our backs to earn. Love should find us and love us for who we are.

      Thank you for sharing your honest cents means a lot 🙂


      1. It’s a heartbreaking thing to see it. I always knew he didn’t love me and didn’t treat me right but the reality of it hurts. I wasted my time. I wasted love on a man who never wanted to love me.


  2. Love is such a beautiful thing that actually can heal, love and be light to other people but don’t and i mean ever lose yourself in the process.

    I love myself so much, that means i take care of myself first so i can be the brightest light for others. Its a journey and enjoying it.

    Thanks hun for the article ❤☺

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    1. I am glad someone is talking about not losing our selves in the process.

      Both you and I love ourselves. in fact I love to think that the love we give in a way Springs from our love for self. It’s harder to love anyone else if you don’t love yourself

      thank you Isiqhaza for reading here and leaving a thought. means a lot ❤

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  3. Powerful poem! Falling in or out of love is one of the strongest emotions that people can experience. Love can be kind. Love can be cruel. Love is everything. Love has been called “one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology.” Everyone has experienced feelings of love to some extent or another. There are those who found love then lost it, those who found it and kept it and those who are seeking it in odd places. There are also those who don’t know they have it, not realizing it is closer than they think. – This is the opening paragraph of the article I wrote about the 8 flavours of love according to the Greeks – !https://authorjoannereed.net/lets-talk-about-love-8-flavors-of-love/ – Check it ou

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for passing by here.

      love is such a powerful force that has caused people to do great and terrible things a Like

      I’m excited to read all about the 8 flavours of love
      let me check out the post as soon as now


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