Mid Year Review & TIPS on How To go through the Rest of the year like a Badass!!

If life throws you lemons – Throw them right back at her. If it’s anything I have learnt this far is that what you allow will definitely continue. If you are not a lemonade person, then what is the use of making it.

I’d love to First of all inform you all that I am writing this blog post under duress. The guilt of not having done any monthly recaps all year won’t let me have that beauty sleep. In fact I am up at 3a.m scribbling this.

First a little catch up… how have you all been. (This is that one blog post where we do some actual catching up). I have missed ranting about my months. All that said shall we get into the gist of the matter.

The Year, Thus far.

I have written this phrase “2019 is my year” in so many places. At the beginning of the year among my new year resolutions was that this was going to be my year (lol… I know). I know the Ugandan in you is rolling your eyes at me because this phrase is tired. Someone joked about how every year since he was old enough to attend new year prayers has been his year but again it hasn’t. But nope – I went a head and added it to my resolutions and I can confirm that so far so good.

I am not saying that nothing bad has happened this year but the consciousness that goodness was coming kept me positive. I have come to actually learn that when we are more conscious of good it’s easier for us to notice all the amazing things happening in our lives.

Throughout the year I have been intentional about counting my blessings. I got myself a gratitude jar where I drop sticky notes each day with the thing I am grateful for. With how fast life seems to play out its very easy to ignore the small Big things happening in our lives. Develop a culture of gratitude guys. There is so much joy that comes with it.

I am really grateful to you all my ardent readers for constantly stopping by my little kingdom and leaving your honest thoughts. You are probably tired of hearing this but I don’t take it lightly. My heart literally warms up like a little girl in love.

My tag line this year really has been to walk into all the rooms I find myself in with the confidence of an elephant and the attitude of an antelope. It is something that helps me deal with the imposter syndrome. So many times we reject opportunities or don’t even apply for them because we don’t think we deserve them, we don’t think we are good enough. But this year I decided to shoot my shot at the finer things in life because I recognize that however flawed I am, I am. deserving of goodness.

July doubles as our Blog-O-Versary, 3years and still counting. (I will be bringing you an independent post on this)….Otherwise my heart is full

Now What Next

If the first six months have not been so good for you, you can still save the rest of the year and again it is never too late to start over.

You probably feel like you need some more time to wallow in all that misery but trust me you don’t. Like I have said here before “nothing ever got done by simply worrying about it.” I know it’s hard and painful and almost impossible but you have to get up, dust yourself and turn every loss you got into a lesson.

Also I’d really recommend that you find a way to track your progress. Personally I journal and occasionally get my friends to hold me accountable on things I want to accomplish. I’d also advise that you place timelines on all your plans /goals. Take this as advice from a former chronic procrastinator. If you don’t develop the discipline of doing the things you need to do when you need to you might as well not get anything done.

I am all for friendships that support you and your growth. But this second half of the year might be the time you walk out of those friendships that feel like drowning. You can love everybody but not everyone has to be in your inner circle. Protect your peace, loves.

Also I highly recommend that you read our blog Post on getting a Mental Health self care routine here. In fact you need a whole self care routine. Being kind to yourself cannot be over emphasized. Take off time to celebrate all the Big small wins that contribute to the success. You’ve earned it.

That is my little piece of advice straight from my heart to yours. Always remember that you went through the first half of the year and here you are breathing, living and working on thriving. You have done a pretty good job this far and you will even do better in this other half.

Keep on keeping on

What are your plans for the second half of the year?

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Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

11 thoughts on “Mid Year Review & TIPS on How To go through the Rest of the year like a Badass!!

  1. @Laker Fiona you’re a blessing..don’t stop writing ..I need this,even my children need this,even their children and their children’s children…mehhhnnn everybody needs you in their lives@fie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m all for protecting self peace. And moving towards thriving. This post is a the deep breath I needs d to take. Second half of this year….. You are so mine!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for this. I always track my progress. I have people to hold me accountable but also, I have learnt to be committed to my goals and my dreams. I tend to them and so far so good. I’m proud of me, next half of the year plans, get into writing short stories. So help me God 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you. Jump in on the short stories and get to it. A few lines each day, a line a day. One day your mind will appreciate the persistence.


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