Wasaaaap ma people!!!!! It’s the Holiday excitement and I am super ecstatic to be bringing you this – the third segment of our Skin-ish series. If you are wondering when we did the second segment, head over to my IGtv as soon as right now (@fiona_laker).

We’ve come talking about our skin care struggles, natural skin care products and today we will be talking a bit about fake and original products. I am joined in conversation by Jacqueline Namayengo the CEO of Beauty Cave UG.

Who is Jacqueline?

Namayengo Jacqueline is a 22 year old fresh graduate in Business computing From Uganda Christian University and the founder of Beauty Cave UG- a supplier of original Beauty and cosmetic products.

What was the inspiration behind creating Beauty Cave UG?

I started my hustle in my 2nd year. I was such a MAC diehard and used to wear it a lot and so many people would ask me how they could access the products. So I’d send my family that’s abroad to help me buy them the products. It had never really hit me that I should be a supplier but in 2nd year I just decided to step out of my comfort zone and start. I started selling on my whatsapp and grew the brand that is now Beauty Cave UG.

Then in 2018 I opened up my instagram and everything blew up. Initially I was only selling Lip sticks but people would ask about so many other products so I decided to stock every product that was on demand. And I noticed that most of those original products were not being sold here in Uganda, I noticed the gap in the market and decided to be the solution.

Starting out is usually hard, how easy or hard was it for you to start?

It wasn’t easy, I did not know how to go about most of the things. I have self taught myself everything I know, today. It was hard for me to get a trust worthy Boda delivery guy. I also had to set my prices really low because I was new in the market which meant a very low profit margin. Basically it wasn’t easy but I kept at it, I kept grinding with the hopes to blow up one day.

How do you describe your brand?

Beauty Cave UG is a supplier of all genuine things Beautiful. We are committed to bringing our customers authentic and original Beauty and cosmetic products.

How has your brand been received, in Uganda so far?

OH my God, with open arms, I am forever grateful. I am always in awe at how much we have grown.

Any bumps a long the road and advice to other women that hope to start up but are second guessing?

Of course, Every business has humps and bumps along the course but I’d advise every one out there to simply start. As long as you start you are half way through the hustle, the rest of the journey is choosing to stay on the road despite the bumps.

how does someone access you and the products?

We are currently still an online shop but I’m working on getting a permanent address. So for orders and deliveries you can access us via our social media platforms

Instagram : @BeautyCaveUg

facebook : Beauty Cave UG

Whatsapp : +256 794 045991

You are committed to selling original products, Any tips to our readers on telling original from fake products?

The simplest tip is by scanning the bar code and that’s 95% accurate. Much as there is now a duplication of most. But again most fake products will have a spelling error some where. The packaging for fake products is also usually either bigger or smaller. Basically it’s important to gather as much information about the original products so that you know a fake when you see one.

How do you think Ugandans can curb the issue of multiple fake cosmetics products on the market?

By shopping from trusted suppliers like Beauty Cave UG (Duuh!!). Who and where you shop from usually determines whether or not you get an original product. The market is already flooded with fakes.

Lastly any Beauty and wellness advice you’d love to share with our readers?

Adopt skin care routines ,cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and also make it a point to mind your business – it goes a long way with your health and peace of mind.

That’s it From Jacqueline. Thank you for your time.

Guys, leave me your thoughts in the comment section. How do you tell between fake and original products, help some body.

Also make sure to head over to my instagram. I partnered with Beauty Cave UG to bring you a give away to help you walk through 2020 with the skin glow you deserve.

Bellows of love

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