Is it me or is the clock not even planning to pause for a bit and wait in for us. How are we already in 2020? Like just yesterday my mum was dropping me to school and look at us now whole adult human beings trying to wrap our heads around this whole adulting thing. I know adulting can get tricky. what I actually mean is that it is a trap, scum and everything in between. And if you are in your twenties, late teens and early thirties you know this is one of those decades that usually defines a lot in your life. I mean seeing you and the people you grew up with finish school, get dope Ass jobs, travel the world, get married, have children and do all these Big people things can get pretty much overwhelming. So that’s why I decided to put together some things I feel will help you slay this decade like the boss you ought to be. Also feel free to add to the list because we are all trying to get the best out of this journey called life.


This one really is personal for me. God always does that super hero thing where he constantly shows up and I can’t imagine not riding with him this decade.

Curate a solid support system

Who are you rolling with this decade? Who is part of your Glow up squad? That matters a lot because the people you take this journey with can either break you or make you. Your support system really is anyone that is rooting for you to win. I’d personally recommend that you create a group of friends that are about the same business in which you affirm and support each other. I have friends that are this to me, they are the ones that recommend me for gigs, call me out on my procrastination and remind me that this thing I am doing actually matters even on those days when it doesn’t feel like it. So if you are going to slay this decade you really need to curate a solid support system.

Slay in Your Lane

Do you ever feel like you are crawling as everyone else is literally flying? In this decade it’s important for you to understand that we are all on our own individual journeys in life. Take it from me, guys, comparison is the ultimate thief of joy!!! There will be family, friends and random people that will constantly say things that make you feel like you are failing at this adulting life. But it’s going to take constantly reminding yourself that our paths are different and we all have different destinations and timelines and that is OK.

Self Care is the Bringer of Balance

You cannot pour from an empty cup. And in this decade we are all going to be pretty much busy so it’s going to take you being intentional and perhaps even making a schedule for activities you do just as a form of self care. Self care involves your health too (I just had to put this here because the health and lifestyle blogger in me demands to be heard). Like real talk what is the point of making all that money and you are too sick to enjoy it. So guys my clarion call is for you to invest in your physical wellness. It goes a long way. And also for you to do all the things you would love for your personal self care.

Conflict Resolution

Yo!!! I honestly hate to be the wet blanket but as always I am here to give it to you real. The older we grow the more likely we are to have conflicts with the people around us. You’ve probably heard that talk about how old people never reconcile when they fall out? What I think really is that most of them hop into adulting without the knowledge on how to go about conflicts. If you want to stay winning in this decade you really need to be an adult about how you handle your conflicts. I’d personally recommend that you talk it out if you can other than burning bridges you’d love to use some time in the future.

Be intentional about Connecting with your tribe

Who else follows the hash tag friendship goals? I know I do. We all love to see stories of friendships that have lasted and thrived over the years but what they don’t tell you is that it all takes work. You need to be intentional about connecting with your tribe because the older we get the busier everyone else is, we’ll probably be in different countries or cities. Once in a while meet up with your people and catch up and simply unwind, it goes a long way. Our friends are usually the people that make us happy and you don’t want to win a lone and sad in this decade, so Yass connect with your tribe.

Financial Literacy

Don’t scroll past this – yes you, I’m talking to you. This was me every time I read articles on personal finance. Because let’s face it, the idea of landing a Jack pot sounds better than having to work and save up for the finer things in life. In this decade how you handle your finances is going to determine a lot. You really need to be financially literate and Patsy Mugabi is sharing all the tea on that on her blog. Also I would recommend that you start a savings plan to help you balance the enjoyments and achieving your long term goals.

Track your Progress

I keep telling people that success has a lot to do with how far you have come and you can only know that if you are able to track how much progress you are making. I am all for goal setting and having timelines for each goal and having the discipline to follow through with your goals. For purposes of accountability I’d recommend that you shared your goals with a friend or create a vision board that constantly reminds you of the journey that needs to be taken. Journaling and setting daily goals can also help you slay the decade one day at a time.

Protect Your Mental Health

if you have been an inhabitant on this little kingdom on the internet you know that this is one of those things I have written extensively on. I honestly can’t over emphasize the importance of protecting your mental health. So much is going to be happening in your life and around you this decade and I’d personally recommend that you get into therapy if you can afford it. Or choose from the pool I shared on a mental health self care routine but whatever you do protect your mental health. Because in the long run it affects your joy, productivity and even how you relate with those around you.

Live, love and laugh

You know I’m all for happiness and a good time, so this definitely had to make it here. Like guys, you need to enjoy your life. We are not going through this decade crying in Limousines because you can actually be happy while securing that bag.

There you have it guys!!! These are some of the things I’m taking to heart as I walk through this decade. What tips do you feel can help us stay winning in this decade?

please share in the comment section.

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Bellows of love ❤

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  1. You had me on the financial literacy bit, thank you for calling us out for scrolling on, i legit needed that dragging. Well done. Otherwise, with God at the center of everything you just perfectly wrote in this piece, we move! On to actually implementing these tips. See you on the other side of slaying the decade, let’s milk it of all it’s worth. Lezzzzz do thaaassss thaaannggg!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We all got dragged!!
      I am cutting on my spending especially on books and other irrelevant things.
      And yes let’s milk this decade dry of everything it has to offer!!!!
      Here do slay this thannnng 💃💃💃

      Liked by 1 person

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