10 Celebration ideas if you are as Single as a Pringle this Valentine’s Day

I read somewhere that February is singleness awareness month and if you are on twitter you’re most likely tired of all the memes.

But that is far from the point. On my instagram I had a question up on why most of you are single and some of the replies were honestly dramatic. So, I decided to put together ideas on how to enjoy your Valentine’s Day even when your not boo’ed up. If you are single for any reason,you could be the singleville veteran that hasn’t felt the need to indulge in a romantic relationship in ages, or processing a heart break, or healing from a past toxic relationship or even in a relationship in quotes (you know what I mean) whatever reason you are going to be single this Valentine’s, I am rooting for you on this post

1. Get your Self care groove on

The idea of celebrating V-day a lone especially when you’ve always celebrated it with your special some body can be triggering. In stead of wallowing in all those negative thoughts why not pour some of that energy into yourself. Go for a spa treatment, gym, massage, get a facial, get your nails done basically do the things that bring you joy. February is the month of love and self love is also love.

2. Go to a Concert or show

Every Valentine’s there are loads of shows and concerts around town. From poetry, to karaoke, jazz, music, concerts etc. And the thing about concerts is you can absolutely enjoy them on your own or join other random people. Go have some fun watching your favourite band or just laughing yourself silly at a comedy show.

3. Make Over

This is mostly for those that are only recently single. You’ve probably been processing a heart break all this while and adjusting to the life in single vile. You have probably even neglected yourself a bit. This is a good day for you to go get that make over. You could do some shopping, get your make up done, get that hair cut or beard care (Is that what it’s called?) like basically just do the things that make you feel good about yourself.

4. Treat / Gift Yourself

If you are not receiving any flowers and chocolate this Valentine’s you might as well gift yourself some. If there’s a particular watch, or perfume or anything really you’ve always wanted to own this might be the best time to get it for yourself

5. Catch Up on that rest

Valentine’s this year is on a Friday and guys, let’s face it, the work life can be pretty intense and exhausting. So I’d really recommend that you catch up on that beauty sleep preferably after having a refreshing warm bath. Sleep is good for both your body and mind. So rest it out.

6. Movie /Book Marathon

If you are a ferocious reader like I am. you probably have books you bought that you’ve never read. This is a good time to catch up on all that reading. You might also binge watch your favourite TV series or show or a cute romantic movie to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

7. Go out with friends

If you are as single as a Pringle you probably know another Pringle. This would be a good time for you to catch up with your single friends. Go out for lunch, a nice movie, shopping etc. You could preferably also do something at home like a cook in, sleep over, or even watch a series. Conversation and spending time with friends would be a great way to celebrate love day.

8. Hop onto discounts / Give aways

Is the economy getting in your way of celebrating Valentine’s? Are you single and broke? Worry not because the winds of discounts and freebies are blowing in your favor . Hop on to the various Valentine’s Day discounts and the few give aways that include singles. (Related : On my instagram, I’m ranting about why most give aways this Valentine’s require one to be in a relationship). You could also take part in the different love week challenges that come with prizes.

9. Road trip / Travel

There’s nothing a good road trip or travel with friends or family cannot do. Get away this weekend with your loved ones. Go to the zoo, beach, mountains etc and make amazing memories while at it. I wouldn’t recommend you going for trips organized by travel companies because they are probably targeting those boo’ed up and it could get pretty much awkward.

10. Volunteer
Someone on my instagram said they are going to help with the locust invasion to celebrate Valentine’s. Valentine’s is about love so you could use this day to spread love to people that don’t receive it on a daily. Join NGO’s doing charity in elderly homes, hospitals, children’s homes, the physically handicapped etc. You could also do something as simple as buying lunch for your laundry person or shoes for a child in your neighborhood. These small acts of kindness go a long way.

Anyway guys, that’s just about it from me. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Do share with me in the comment section.

And please share any other ideas on how single people can enjoy V-day.

Bellows of love ❤

© Tales of a Curious mind

11 thoughts on “10 Celebration ideas if you are as Single as a Pringle this Valentine’s Day

  1. May I add, to be single is not a punishment, self partner yourself, love yourself, pamper yourself. eat well, show kindness to others, reflect on your singledom, write a journal about a partner you deserve. There is no rush to hook up with someone who you will have to unhook yourself to when things don’t work out. Finally protect your heart, you are worthy.(smile). Happy valentines day in advance everyone.

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