GUEST POST (Maysura Asher Farzia) – Book Review: Girl Woman Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Girl woman Other, is a ”Fusion Fiction” as Bernadine Evaristo refers to it. A journey of 12 women in Britain almost all black as they coexist in this beautifully weaved book.

I am a sucker for in-depth conversations about race, gender, sexuality, feminism and privilege, Bernardine was not shy to go there. The majesty with which she delivered on all these accounts I was absolutely refreshed.

“…check your privilege…” Regarding context and circumstances we all have an advantage over the other we just need to be considerate. Revisiting the idea in this pandemic time has never been more urgent, like we have witnessed the inequalities circulating worldwide even in the face of death the gap is massive. Hence, we need to be mindful of our privileges since it is clear now that hierarchy and Privilege will never disappear.

When Penelope says, “…a woman should have her body loved in all shapes and forms…” I am reminded of the wealth in self-love, worth and strength because there is no time limit to falling in love and that begins with the self. And if we love so selfishly even just a single part of us could you imagine what wealth will flow over our diverse bodies? I wonder?

“… intelligence is not innate …” it something you work on diligently like a skill therefore when we are educating ourselves and those learning from us there is duality of ownership to what we pass on to the next learners and educators (home schooling) perfect example. For the black boy growing in this environment, your dress code is your armour. Speak volumes with how you represent yourself publicly because loads of young beautiful boys have died wearing the “wrong” clothes, if you know what I mean. Remember the armour alone is not enough, educate yourself. Read so furiously you never know when you will need a quote.

As the characters of this book are interlinked so too is our life and this can be seen with the current situation (this might be the last time I refer to COVID19). How we can find our tribes as is our human right and build memories that are passed down to the future generations. if we are not educating the current generation then our UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCES are affected as one, regardless of the different backgrounds. It goes without saying that once the domino effect starts it’s difficult to break it.

We all dream and it is important to our survival, Bernadine let her characters dream, she lets them survive, she lets them love and be loved, they hurt and were hurt, they speak & are heard, they were silent & were still noticed. All this in perfect harmony (I am smiling I hope you do to).
I can promise this book is amazing and if you have not read it please do, only then will you understand the experience. If you don’t find any of this interesting, I’m judging you (insert Luvvie Ajayi’s voice).
At the end of this I am still nursing my withdrawal symptoms because I didn’t want it to end. But what is life without a bit of desire, more of something that you can’t possibly get. Looking forward to what visual art is going to do with this masterpiece

With love and honest thought MAYA

The Guest Blogger, Maysura Asher Farzia (Maya) is a Ugandan student Radiographer and Book reviewer. She runs the Book blog on instagram @KweenInPages (Like if you are not following this page, I too I’m judging you 😂) where she shares her honest thoughts on a diversity of books.

Maya also loves poetry with intent, reads obsessively and writes of all her random thoughts.

Other wise thank you guys for reading here. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be sharing posts from Guest bloggers on a variety of topics and I’m excited to experience this journey with you.

What are your thoughts on Maya’s book Review? Please share your honest thoughts with her in the comment section 😊

Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

14 thoughts on “GUEST POST (Maysura Asher Farzia) – Book Review: Girl Woman Other by Bernadine Evaristo

  1. I am honestly honoured to be part of this. The thing about being booked is the booking never stops and I am forever grateful to you @lakerfiona for pushing me to being my best reading self. I love you for it and then some.

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  2. That part of intelligence being something you work on diligently…..bruh. So true. I look forward to the book as well. Thanks Maya


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