My Self Care Routine #Ugblogmonth Day 6

When they say “better late than never,” they are speaking for the curious cat that only sneaks in midway the meeting. Most days she has a good excuse. On some it’s that she’s been trying to hold her breath in a world that spirals faster than her heart rate. Today she’ll say she spent the last few days trying to understand the chemistry and anatomy of her blog because turns out her comments and sharing have been off. But that is a story for another day.

Today I joined Uganda blogging community on Day 6 of their Blog month challenge, if you too would love a challenge to fall into for the rest of the lock down feel free to follow them on twitter for all the gist.
Any who Let’s talk self care, shall we?

If you have been a resident of this blog land long enough you know that I am of the school of thought that “Self care like self love is not selfish because you can not pour from an empty cup.”

Taking care of yourself makes it easier and effortless for you to prioritize the well being of those around you and as a health and lifestyle blog we are all about that life.

Here are some of the things I do for self care


God is literally at the centre of my self care routine. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we might as well furnish the temple. I believe in the importance of spiritual nourishment because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Prayer and worship for me are those things that just leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Some days I just sit in silence and think on the goodness of God. God stays God-ing for me and so on days when I feel a bit off this reminds me that the same God that got me through yesterday is still part of my process today.

Pamper thyself

I’m always preaching this to the choir πŸ˜‚ we probably need to get it on a Tee. Because I often have a crazy schedule during the week my Saturdays are self care days. I usually do a full skin care routine and also play with my hair. Look good, feel good innit?
I also do simple exercises and stretches, skipping etc and my body and mind thank me. Occasionally I do my nails and make up just for just.


I have been keeping journals since I was about ten years old. Though I must admit that then my diaries were literally my gossip mates, I would come back home to do all the tale bearing and drag those that had messed with my day. As I have grown, so have my journals. I now keep a gratitude journal, a planner and what I love to call a vision tracker. Journaling helps me process my thoughts and let go of the weight. As I write I ask myself why I feel a particular way about something, I share the things that brought me sunshine each day and what I can do to make the next day even better. This helps keep me sane and grounded


As an influenza (read influencer) for a good night rest this had to appear here. Sleep is so underrated. Apart from the health benefits, sleep also helps us be more productive the next day. Despite my crazy life schedule I purpose and plan to get that beauty sleep.


I find reading therapeutic especially for my mental health. I usually read self improvement books or an easy read that will make me happy. I also really enjoy munching on African literature during such times. Reading helps my mind wander off. I also love reading memoirs because there is always something to learn from someone else’s experience.

A Day out

By now it’s clear that I take this self care thing seriously. I have a day every month on which I treat myself to a buffet in a nice place with a dope ambience. I usually prefer lone dates on such days but I occasionally go out with my friends that constantly bring me sunshine. Being out and eating good food for me is therapeutic. It allows me introspect and just catch my breath from all the craze around me.

Social Media Break

As a content creator this is often my hardest thing to do for my self care but it is necessary. I occasionally withdraw from having active conversation with people, leave groups, mute words and people to preserve my peace. It also keeps me away from beloved aunties that stay forwarding me chain messages about the end of the world and other conspiracy theories.
Take that social media break and breathe.


Every other three months I pick from my savings and buy myself something I have always wanted to own. I also do something nice or gift someone that has been a blessing to me.
This gives me so much gratification.

I do so many other weird things for self care that I can share better over a hot cup of Chai. Otherwise feel free to let me know what you are doing to take care of yourself especially during this time.

Also because sharing is caring do pass by instablog @fiona_laker where I recently share a video on how to let go of People pleasing.

Bellows of love

Β©Tales of a Curious mind

34 thoughts on “My Self Care Routine #Ugblogmonth Day 6

  1. Glad to have the curious cat join the meeting and she came with such a bang…welcome aboard goddess of self care. Meanwhile you & I need to have a conversation on that vision trackerπŸ˜… also gaarrrrlll this post is oozing with dope self care tips that I’m taking on. Thanks for sharing and yoooo journaling is a must literally. How do people who don’t do it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If there was ever a moment for us to embark on self care, that time would be now. And I am happy you came through for us you humble followers. I have been looking forward to this for some time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ati humble followers. Sis ehn what kind humility is this. We all know I write here lest you drag me every where else.
      But I’m grateful for it so thank you 😍


      1. Some one has to hold the drag flag. And I’m glad you allow me to invade your spaces so you can feed us with the gems.x


    1. Thank you Feona.
      Honestly for me it was because everyone around me made it clear that putting yourself and your well being first is vain and selfish.
      Self care was my liberation


  3. It’s in-depth, the self manicures, I relate. And it’s true you can’t pour from an empty cup….thanks for the reminder.
    Also social media breaks are a real needed practice.

    Liked by 1 person

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