#UGblogMonth Day 13. 20 Minutes with LECRAE

The problem with having a curious mind is that you have to live life on your toes. Your constant need to poke your nose and question the things around you might be what kills you or perhaps gives life to your bones.

When I saw today’s topic for #Ugblogmonth I felt this urge to have a sit down with whoever chose it. I know time is money and if I had a dollar for my 20 minutes with a celebrity I’d only have 20 dollars. I am honestly ready to fight. This is the day my curiosity kills me. I have waited all my life to meet a celebrity for twenty dollars. Twenty dollars guys! I know none of this makes sense. I’m not trying to make sense. Blame it on the adrenaline from an excited fan girl.

In fact in my head I’m currently on a round table with Lecrae. I am trying to convince him to give me a whole hour of his time and he probably thinks I’m weird. But weird is the new cool. I want to tell him about the first time I stumbled upon his music in 2012. How it was around the time I decided to take this faith journey a bit more seriously. How listening to him helped me discover Christian music and artists that would later change my life. How his life story has blessed my people. But again time is money and I only have 20 dollars. So I ask without giving him the chance to respond. It’s a monologue because this is playing out in the corridors of my brain. I cleaned up and weeded out all the racing thoughts to make room for this.

In all this I am reminded of the time my facebook name was Fionade Laker Macraetedflame. I thought I was cool guys. My friends even shortened it to macrae or Tedflame. I randomly put together Mali music, Lecrae, Tedashi and Flame to give birth to this masterpiece. I even recall the times my friends and I kept scrap books of 116 clique. I badly want to tell him this but I forego the idea. I have had to learn the ramifications of wasting people’s time the hard way.

So I decide to talk about his book instead. I think I started resonating with Lecrae’s music more after I read unashamed. I even wrote a review of the book here. They say books connect us and after reading the book I could swear lecrae and I are family. In his book he allowed us to live rent free in his mind and that to me is a great act of kindness. I want to discuss the chapter where he talked about the importance of talking about our wounds. And to sound like a true fan I quote it off head “Talking about wounds is important but talking about our healed wounds is just as important because scars are evidence that wounds can heal.”

I am also tempted to ask him about his upcoming book (as you already know my curiosity will make me prosper). To all this He smiles slightly and sips on his tea. I can’t tell whether he is giving me his undivided attention or trying to dissect my madness. Time is racing faster than the tongue of an angry woman and you don’t want to test this kind of woman. I know we will have time to meet again because I need to rant about that time he canceled his show to Kampala. You see I had even told my people that they were finally going to meet my long lost brother. I also want us to discuss his Ted talk on whether hip-hop is a cancer or a cure but today I settle for the silence. I have been running my mouth like a waterfall for twenty minutes and yet this conversation Has not yet even started. But till then I will bask in the music and the books.

Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

17 thoughts on “#UGblogMonth Day 13. 20 Minutes with LECRAE

  1. Garrrllll if I were Lecrae I’d give an hour and more of my time because having a conversation with this kind of mind🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’d not want you to stop talking….my oh my! The long lost brother needs to read this

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  2. Love Lecrae thank you for this, reminded me of it…Mali music and why phatfest stopped!! Why?!! What happened? Not that you would know but I miss these artists

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