Day 19 #UGblogMonth : Of Being Unnecessarily Unkind

Hey good people, how do you do? Today’s prompt for the #UgBlogMonth asked us to share on the things we wished people stopped doing. Thanks to the good people of Uganda Blogging Community I can finally get this off my chest.

I’m not lying when I say I exist in a hyper triggered state. People that cannot be kind trigger me and that is a whole lot of people. I always grapple with why anyone can choose to be trash for free. If you are going to be wicked at least make some money while at it or add some time to your years. If you read my post for Day 13 of #Ugblogmonth then by now you know my relationship with time and money. Or is there a payment in kind that I don’t know of.

Action and reaction are equal and opposite but what is it when people react to nothing?

There’s a popular culture of trolling and cyber bullying on the internet. Actual human beings put a side time to be unkind to others simply for the sake of it or because it’s “cool.” Why should we become terrible people just to fit in. Speaking of terrible. If there’s anything that represents this it’s people that buy data bundles to go online and troll strangers that have no idea of their existence.

I honestly wish people stopped with the band wagon. Why does the need for a connection require that we prune common sense out of our minds.
Honestly, what is it guys? Why do we constantly feel the need to project our own hurt and insecurities onto other people. I am of the thought that “hurt people hurt people.” When we don’t address our own wounds we move into all the spaces we occupy with our trauma. We treat the people we meet from a place of “hurt them before they hurt me.” Which makes me wonder why many of us are not in therapy. Or actually why governments are not investing in the mental health of their people. Why are mental health services so expensive? – I digress.

There’s a quote I saw on twitter a while back that “if you can be anything in his world be kind.” My Jollof aunties on Jesus and Jollof podcast put it better when they said “the only thing you owe another human being is kindness.”

Most times we are all from our different lives with different amounts of baggage on our shoulders and so you never know what how you treat someone can change. If you cannot be kind I’d rather you delete yourself from the conversation. It’s not like you are being paid to run a commentary on how other people choose to live their lives.

Lettuce put back the social in social media (pun intended). Let us choose to simply be kind. Let us stop being terrible human beings just for the sake of it. Let us find healing.

That aside Happy New month guys. I hope you are not too adversely affected by the pandemic and I’m passing by to let you know that May is mental health awareness month. I’m creating content on instagram @fiona_laker (follow us there) and the blog.

Bellows of love
©Tales of a curious mind

14 thoughts on “Day 19 #UGblogMonth : Of Being Unnecessarily Unkind

    1. Siss!!!
      The internet is supposed to be our friend but the way people are trash unprovoked is annoying.
      I’ve resorted to muting and blocking as deemed necessary.


    1. The trick on twitter is to mute mute and mute eVen block when it gets to it.
      It’s one of those really toxic places and sadly most people just do it for clout.


  1. “Why does the need for a connection require that we prune common sense out of our minds.” 😂 Some people post just for likes and retweets, not minding what the consequences of their posts might have on others. Some people are just anti people and that’s terrible

    Liked by 1 person

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