PLACENT ACTIV Product Review + Give Away

If you have been an inhabitant on this kingdom you know that I stay repping the kaweke gang 24/7. As a health and lifestyle blog we are committed to making sure that you are both healthy and living your best lives and there’s no prosperity if the hair game is on life support.

Consider this post some form of resuscitation or CPR.

I have been using Placent activ products for close to two months now and on this post I’ll share my honest cents on how my kaweke (4C hair) found them.

Placent Activ is a hair brand with a range of products containing a unique ingredient – placenta extract, which is suitable for hair loss, traction, thinning problems – while keeping your scalp properly moisturized and allowing your hair to grow. The product range consists of a conditioner, shampoo, hair growth serum which I have tried out and will review on this post. There are also other products like the eyelash growth serum and vitamins among others. All their products do not contain silicons, parabens, estragen and gestragens.

Placent Activ Shampoo

The Placent activ shampoo comes in a 250ml packaging and has a great scent. Like all their products it is suitable for all hair types, both natural and treated hair.

The only con is that it is not a sulphate free shampoo as it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Sulphates strip moisture from hair follicles and might potentially cause irritation. It therefore needs to be used with care because of the fear of stripping oils.

The pro is that sulphate shampoos do a better job when it comes to cleaning residue product on our scalp and if used a long with a prepoo or hot oil treatment like I’ve been doing then you are good to go.

All I do is apply on wet hair and scalp with hair either in twists or any other type of sectioning I choose for that wash day then I massage until foam appears, and rinse with warm water.

Placent Activ Conditioner

The Placent Activ conditioner is my favorite product from the set because it surpassed my expectations.I won’t lie, guyizi, I am not very big on wash out conditioners and so I was skeptical about trying this one.

The conditioner comes in a 250ml packaging and like all other products contains placenta extract that is rich in amino acids and silk proteins. I personally used it as both a detangler and a rinse out conditioner because it made my hair soft and reduced detangling time. I mean, finger detangling unaided can be the absolute ghetto.

It’s also important to note that the conditioner should only be used on your hair and not your scalp. The first time I put it on my scalp without reading instructions I experienced some irritation. It should also be rinsed out of the hair completely preferably under running water.

I have to say this here – this conditioner is not a deep conditioner and so you will still need to do a deep conditioning treatment.

For application I do so on damp hair in sections and then rinse out with water after 3-5 minutes. Keeping the conditioner in longer does not make it work better. I know fellow 4C gang are always trying to do this. It’s 3-5 minutes people.

Placent Activ Hair Growth Serum

Naturalistas will hop onto this one because we all love to admire hair goals. Despite the good reviews I’d read on the internet I was 50/50 before trying out this product because I feared that the contents could potentially be carcinogenic (My paranoia will make me prosper) but I’m glad I did.

The set contains 12 vials containing amino acids and silk proteins that improve the health of your hair, boosts growth, fights breakage, dandruff and itchy scalp. It is also great for thinning problems and for those that are looking to add some volume.

Also Did I mention that it also works great to regrow receding hairline and lost edges? So you can gift the mandem on this product and get those edges fixed.

For use I apply contents of one vial to the scalp and massage gently. There is no rinsing required so you just let it seat in and style your hair as desired. The serum should be used every two to three days for the minimum of three months (for best results).

This may sound too good to be true but I must admit that for the two months I have used the product I have noticed increase in both hair length and volume

That is my review in a nut shell. I partnered with the good people of Placent Activ UG and six of you will get to try out their products in a Give Away on my Instagram (@fiona_laker)

Have you used any of their products before? How did you find them? If not which of the products are you looking to try out?

Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

8 thoughts on “PLACENT ACTIV Product Review + Give Away

    1. There’s a variety of causes of flaking or dandruff could be the products being used, dry scalp (ie not well moisturized), or a skin condition.

      There’s products that target this 😊

      From reviews I have read that this product line can also help though since I don’t experience flaking or dandruff I can’t confirm

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