Happiness is killing me!! And I mean this literally. I’m happy to be scribbling this blog post for obvious reasons. It’s been four whole years of growing, and stretching and winning and refusing to stay on the floor.

Like my theme for July says – RESILIENCE (Star TAFFA). That’s exactly how I have stuck onto 2020. I honestly refused to edit my vision board and yearly goals because I’m this person. If you have had an encounter with mosquitoes that sing (hum), then I’m sure you get the gist.

I know the temptation to “put this year in rice” and cancel it all together has been over the roof. But as a blog we decided that canceling the year shouldn’t mean canceling your plans.
Or in the words of My internet Auntie, Yvonne Orji “Time waits for nobody, you are not a spring chicken”

That’s exactly what I have been telling my 2020 plans. I’m honestly happy to say I have achieved some of the goals I’d set at beginning of year and my heart is drowning in gratitude. Real talk God stays God-ing, each day – every day.

I have also cultivated a relationship with my imposter syndrome. “Step out scared and in doubt and let your faith lead you.” I mean life has taught me that it’s all about putting your best foot forward and letting God do the rest. I cut down on head conversations that entertain self doubt and fear, though I must confess that they occasionally try to gate crash the party. I just make sure that whatever it is it can’t be me dishing out the invites.

As we celebrate 4 years of blogging one of the things that is a constant is gratitude. I’m grateful for everyone that has been a major support system on this little kingdom. I mean this blog clearly preaches that there’s no winning a lone. My friends, random people on the internet, my instagram, twitter and blog family have all been huge on making things happen. I mean these are the same people that have given me positive criticism, recommended me for gigs, shared my work, etc.

Twenty Twenty for me has been that year. Everything has been mundane and crazy and somewhat overwhelming but seeing myself seven months into the year has left me basking in pride. If you’d asked me whether I thought we’d be in the middle of a pandemic all year I’d have rolled my eyes in impossibility. But seeing myself here and out here doing the damn work even when if feels like everything is crumbling is the true spirit of “star TAFFA.”

This is similar to what I learnt in the month of June. I took a break from creating content and reduced my social media time throughout the month because some days the mental exhaustion is way over the roof. I have learnt to put my well being before anything else and taking the much needed breaks has been really helpful. The only con I noticed is that when I would start taking breaks some times I’d get too comfortable. When we take breaks to concentrate on getting ourselves back in shape we need to put in the work to build our mental muscle. The work is not going to do itself, bloggren.

All in all this year hasn’t been as eventful as I expected it to be and yet it has also been too eventful for my mind to grasp. I have learnt, and grown and evolved in ways I didn’t see coming. I shared some of the lessons this pandemic has taught me in a video on my IGTV that you can watch here.

I also have a short story time video on how far we have come as a blog that you can watch on MY IGTV @fiona_laker.

All that said happy Blog Anniversary to us and Congratulations on making it 7 months into the year.

Happy new month, Bloggren.

Bellows of love.

©Tales of a Curious mind


  1. You sound like you have been placed into a Hall of Fame, congratulations. I want to see where this goes in the next four years. I miss the poetry


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