Wheeew!!! What a decade!

At least that is what 2020 felt like for me. As we stepped into this new decade we were all high on optimism and making crazy plans. What we didn’t know is COVID-19 had other plans.

For most it has been a year marred with pain, loss, bitterness and agony. I have personally been tired of the year all year. The signal to put the year in Rice should have been in January during the #meetooug. Maybe we would have saved ourselves so much of the unnecessary heartache. But well the year somehow convinced us it’d get better and the the clowns we are we gave it another chance.

You see this is where things changed and this is where I ceased to be a narrator of this horror film. I have not learnt the art of narrating things that can only be felt. I don’t have the emotional muscle to write down what it was like to feel so many things and watch yourself explode from feeling. How can one possibly recap the heaviness we have felt in 2020 into a little blog post. It would definitely not be me.

Despite how mundane the year has been one phrase has kept wit me. “Filimu Star Taffa” literally “Film star doesn’t die.” It’s a popular Ugandan phrase we use to mean so many things but my friends and I use it to speak to our resilience. That however mad, and impossible and exhausting this year and this country can get we are somehow still here. Alive, healing and working on thriving. That even when life has handed us lemons and we didn’t have the energy to make lemonade we somehow sold them to those that could. That it has not been easy – yes but somehow you made it this far.

And as we come to the end of this year I’m simply grateful for our resilience. I’m grateful for the hope we hold onto. Sometimes it feels out of arms reach but how we continue to wake each day with just the smallest hope that we will see a flickering light at the end of the bottomless tunnel is everything. Just the fact that we choose to share the light in ourselves even when we might not see it ourselves is something.

Shout out to everyone who has been a rainbow in someone’s cloud this year. Health workers, support staff, anyone really that has had to work and make crazy sacrifices in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Anyone Who has been kind simply and for no other reason but because everyone deserves kindness. Who has showed up loudly for themselves every single day. Who has gone out and done dope kickass things even as we are in the middle of a panoramic. I’m honestly proud of you and each and everyone that has done the most this year even if that was simply breathing.

Because who knew breathing could be such an extreme exercise? So really you ought to be super proud of yourself.

I have come to learn that gratitude is a bridge to contentment. Life isn’t about where you are but how far you’ve come and what you had to deal with a long the way. Surviving 2020 should be made into a series because we have all successfully endured the year and whatever it brought at us. One of my friends joked and said 2020 has been a test and trial. It has literally felt like walking into the examination room after countless nights of reading only for the exam to be a different subject. You are not sure whether to walk out or just get on with the program.

But as we step into 2021 I pray that we find healing from all the pain this year may have caused. I pray that we forgive ourselves for not having ticked off most of our vision board and resolutions. I pray that we learn to give ourselves as much grace as we give everyone else and more. I pray that we are more kind to ourselves and to those around us. I pray that we get to live in a fairer and just world, I pray that goodness and mercy hunts us down all the days of our lives and above all I pray that we will receive and give love loudly, proudly and unapologetically to ourselves first and to our people.

Happy new Year Bloggren! Remember that COVID-19 is unfortunately coming a long with us in the new year so wear a mask and protect the city!

What are you looking forward to in 2021? Let me know in the comments section

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Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

14 thoughts on “FILIMU STAR TAFFA & Ending 2020

  1. Film star taffa and indeed we have survived together and I thank you for that. I am looking forward to all the big jokes we are going to make, all the deadlines we are ticking off and most of all good health.🥰

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  2. In the past few days have tried to convince myself that 2021 is going to be better. 2021 is going to be swarmed up by many things because most events were pushed to 2021.

    For Uganda am waiting for the Internet to be slowed down, and they cut mobile money off, because people are going to be hiding ill-gotten money they will not completely risk a total communication shut down.

    I miss the time when evenings are not about looking for the road home but if that happens it maybe at the end of 2021.

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