Writing this blog post almost feels like an artist showing up to perform at a show after asking that tickets are taken down. You will be lucky to find an audience of one or any kind of audience at all.

As the year was starting out, like any other creative I had plans. I laid down all the ways to defeat writers block, procrastination and her cousins.

As a creative there’s always something to defeat. If writers block is not playing a number on you then imposter syndrome is gate crushing the party. If non of those then you are probably playing hide and seek with procrastination.

My creative journey this year has been a bit more complicated. It’s a cocktail of all those with a side of crazy schedule. There are days when life happens too fast and writing starts to feel like a luxury or at worst a dreaded chore. What used to bring you joy starts to take life out of you. You want to write, you know you have to write and yet all you do is stare at blank paper.

I know it’s important for us to secure the bag and earn from our work but who else started hating the writing process when they got a writing job? I don’t like writing as much as I love having written. I don’t like coming up with social media strategies as much as I love seeing brands I work with flourish. All of it is a paradox.

Some days the creativity meter is in negatives and you don’t even know whether you should call yourself a creative. What is a creative if creativity is always hiding in plain sight. If the mind and body are not in the game?

We rarely talk about the mental health impact of doing work that involves feeling and seeing from where everyone else stands. Those that do any form of activist work will tell you this. I saw an article in which among other things the author was wondering why so many creatives die by suicide. How do we strike the balance between telling the stories that need to be told, re-living people’s trauma and taking care of our mental health.

Have you ever considered that your lack of creativity in this moment could be because you are overwhelmed? Because you need to take a break? These are questions I ask myself often

But anyway this was simply my attempt at getting back to this space and all thanks to the good people at Afrobloggers who put up a challenge that I’d 100% recommend that every blogger hop on to.

What does being a creative mean to you and how have you stayed winning regardless?

Kindly share your thoughts with me because as you can see the struggle is the struggle

Bellows of love

©Tales of a Curious mind

18 thoughts on “A CREATIVE WITH NO CREATIVITY #winterABC2021

  1. Nice. The paradox is real. You enjoy having written something more than actually writing it. I feel you.

    One of the things I do is social media breaks or sabbaticals in the case of a social media manager. The other is creating (and sharing) short, below par content until the fire kicks in. Still a struggle though.

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    1. You know your consistency inspires me big. Happy to be writing as if again 😂

      Also I agree with you we don’t talk about the mental health impact of creative work as much as we should


  2. You were actually creating some content on Instagram, glad you are back here. Creatives try to shy away from any mental health talk sometimes. But I think willfully we shall get there.

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  3. 🙋🏿🙋🏿🙋🏿 On disliking the writing process once there is a writing job. A paradox indeed because all through it is the dream and the aim and you find that there were a few things kept secret till you were securely in the trade.
    I also take breaks and I found that reading and music really helps. Especially when you find that content that just speaks to where you are at exactly.

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    1. I’m with you on reading. I read so much. Reading is probably the only thing that doesn’t exhaust me😀

      Thank you for making the time to pass by and leaving me a thought


  4. Yes I have considered it could be because am overwhelmed…

    Sometimes life will just life you even when you know you can life it back hehe make sense …even so

    You portrayed this perfectly

    Proud to see you on here my Blog Aunt.

    Thanks for sharing

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  5. I only have problems getting started. To start is so difficult, but once I’m in the process, the creation is finished in a flash. It’s almost an unconscious stream of imagination – quite scary really and does have me question my sanity.

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  6. The struggle my lady…trust me! Yoohh
    I have a stack of drafts waiting to be polished and edited


  7. Being a creative is total definition of myself, I breathe creativity, everything I do revolves around content creation , and yes writes block and imposter syndrome is real 💯 but what I do to overcome it is by taking regular breaks and yes getting to see what other writers or other creatives are doing just to enlarge my creativity

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