Yesterday she said she was tired of life I wanted to tell her I understood her but I couldn’t The way her body paved way for wrinkles and scars of deceit She knew her heart was heavy but she wanted him to think her strong She was the Tournedo that deafened ears with rumblings and … More Remorse…!

New beginnings :)

February 2nd 2012 The way she scribbled the date on her journal – The pen cut through pages of glad tidings The crimson ink was like the shot in her eyes whenever her mind was trapped in that memory This was the Genesis of her demise Everything before that is a blank page with no … More New beginnings 🙂

Love Struck

When strength met Him it wondered Strong could not define him He was something words would violate The force that spun the sun in the sky And kissed the stars good night When Love saw him it stared awestruck by such beauty He was something higher Something too deep for comprehension The sound in his … More Love Struck

Life in a bottle

“Hey there Can I buy you a drink? “ These words evaporated from the depth of his spine like brr brr Offering a drink to a woman in a well of iniquity As if trying to remind her That the liquor, the powder, the ten layers of make up had not masked the brokenness her … More Life in a bottle